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Utah Senator Wants to Make School Optional for Children

A United States Senator from Utah is calling for school to no longer be mandatory for children. Compulsory education that is publicly ... tags: childrenchoiceforoptionalschoolutah

Electronical Reeds: label de passionnés organisés et pro-vinyls

Bonus de l'interview ralise par Intruders TV avec Antoine Pilgrim, co-fondateur du label Electronical Reeds. pour voir la vido-srie ... tags: donovanelectronicalfeastianintrudersmadbenoptional

AW8 -Brands As Storytellers The Art and Science of Capitalizing on Social Media

Moderator Michael Learmonth, Digital Editor, AdAgeKevin Barenblat, CEO, Context Optional Marty Collins, Director of Emerging Media, ... tags: AnglesAW8BarenblatCollinsContextLearmonthOptional

Final Fantasy IX - Hades (Optional Boss)

Hades is an optional boss in the final dungeon. He's rather difficult to find, so it's not like you'll accidentally run into him most ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Ozma (Last Optional Boss)

This bastard is the hardest boss in the game, and is of course optional. In fact, it's quite time consuming to even be able to get to him. ... tags: 047BizkitBossFantasyFFIXFightFinal

Final Fantasy IX - Tantarian (Optional Boss)

I know some of you are still anxious for KHBBS hacked fights, but please be patient, it'll be a few weeks while I start making them. In the ... tags: 047 Bizkit Boss Fantasy FFIX Fight IX

Art Laffer Praises Newt's Social Security Plan: "Makes Perfect Sense"

In an interview on Fox, former Reagan economic advisor Art Laffer praised Newt's Social Security plan 'I do like it very much, and I think ... tags: Accounts Americans Art Laffer Choice Entitlements Ferrara Growth

EU's Reding announces optional EU sales law plan at Lisbon Council's 2011 Innovation Summit

10/07/11 The 2011 Innovation Summit convened under the timely theme of New Drivers of Innovation The Changing Nature of ... tags: associationcommonconferenceCouncil of the European UnioncrossborderEuropeanEuropean Council

Kingdom Hearts: BBS - Mysterious Figure (Optional Boss, Terra) *CM*

Terra's attempt at gracefully beating Mysterious Figure. 100 luck based fight with Terra. The only character I don't enjoy the fight as. ... tags: BBS Birth Boss By Challenge Critical Figure

Kingdom Hearts: BBS - Vanitas LS (Optional Boss, Terra) *No Damage/CM*

Maybe it's just me, but I actually enjoy this fight most with Terra. I know, weird right Here is why This fight was CLEARLY designed so ... tags: BBS Birth Boss By Challenge Critical Hearts