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BestCodShots | Episode 276

2 new commentators in the past 2 days, worth a Like Remember to follow us on twitter guys Dfollow us for funny stuff, open lobbys and ... tags: 268275276amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscall

BestCodShots | Episode 274

Hit the LIKE button for a beast shot + A new commentator for tomorrows shot Dfollow us for open lobbys/playing with fans + more in by by tags: 268269270271272273274

BestCodShots | Episode 272

Remember to hit that LIKE button before you go guys, helps us a bunchfollow us on twitter for open lobbys and funny stuff in by sexy ... tags: 268269270271272amazingbestcodcomedy

BestCodShots | Episode 271

We're uploading another video shortly guys D LIKE AND FAV the video guys D helps a lot as you know and thanks so FCKING MUCH for ... tags: 268269270271amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshots

BestCodShots | Episode 269

read what episode it is, take away 200. smile, then LIKE the video D remember guys if you can follow us on twitter i will kiss youfollow ... tags: 268269amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscallcall_of_duty

BestCodShots | Episode 266

Remember guys to always leave a LIKE and FOLLOW us on Twitter, helps us a lotfollow for open lobbys and funny stuff like that in by by tags: 262263264265266amazingbestcodcomedy

BestCodShots | Episode 265

I'm giving you guys 2 SICK clips in 1 episode, all i ask for is a LIKE backfollow us on twitter for open lobbys and cause you love us D ... tags: 262263264265amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshots

BestCodShots | Episode 264

2 SICK clips, 1 Episode, definitely worth a LIKE guys it always helpsAlways remember to follow us on twitter for open lobbys and stuff ... tags: 262263264amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscall

BestCodShots | Episode 263

Remember guys to always leave a LIKE it helps us out FOLLOW us on Twitterfor open lobbys and funny stuff, follow us on twitter in by ... tags: 262263amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscallcall_of_duty

BestCodShots | Episode 261

2 amazing clips, 1 video, that's worth a LIKE D remember to like guys, does help a lot. what also helps is...following us on twitter for ... tags: 261amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscallcall_of_dutycod4

BestCodShots | Episode 260

Hit that like button guys for an AMAZING clip and if you wish to make my day, follow us on twitter Dremember to follow us for open lobbys ... tags: 260amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscallcall_of_dutycod4

BestCodShots | Episode 259

2 clips, 1 video that's worth a like remember guys, if you have Twitter follow us for open lobbys and funny stuff like that follow us ... tags: 259amazingbestcodcomedybestcodshotscallcall_of_dutycod4