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China formally eases one-child policy

China's one-child policy may soon become history. On Saturday, the country formally approved easing this decades-old policy. Now, a couple ... tags: agencyChinadecades-longfamilyitsoneone-child

China eases one-child policy

A relaxation of Chinas one-child policy comes into effect on Saturday. It means couples where one parent is an only-child will be allowed ... tags: ChinaChinese_politicseasesone-childpolicyProtection_of_children

China to ease one-child policy

Millions of parents in China will soon be able to have a child. The government announced on Friday that couples in which one parent is an ... tags: childrencountryseasehaveitsliberalizationmillions

China to relax one-child policy and end labour camps

Chinese state media has announced the relaxation of the countrys one-child policy. In future, couples will be allowed to have two children ... tags: andcampsChinaendeuronewslabournews

China couple devastated by alleged forced abortion

Sky News' Mark Stone met a family just a week after their door was kicked in at 4 a.m., and six-month-pregnant Liu Xinwen was taken to a ...

Secret experimental city challenges China one-child policy "success"

China introduced its so-called one-child policy more than three decades ago as a control mechanism when rapid population growth was ... tags: asia-pacificnewschanchinaexceptionexperimentmelissaone-child

Inside Story - How does China define human rights?

Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese activist and dissident, and his immediate family arrived in the US on Saturday, capping off three weeks of ... tags: BeijingDiplomacyfakhryghidahistoryinsidestorymei

Exemptions in China's 'one-child policy'

China says its restrictive family planning policy commonly known as the one-child policy, affects less than 40 per cent of its ... tags: aljazeeraasia-pacificnewschanchinaexemptionsfamilymelissa

China Keeps Policies Targeting Low Birth Rate, For Now

The director of China's National Population and Family planning Commission has announced that a low birth rate is still a priority, and the ... tags: agingandfamilygenderHainanone-childpolicy

Indian Newlyweds Offered "No Baby" Bonus

Indias government is offering 110 to couples who remain childless for the first two years of their marriage, in an attempt to stem the ... tags: controldeathinfantmaternalmortalityone-childpolicy

More Urban Chinese Living in Elderly Homes

Since China's one-child policy was implemented in 1980, the younger generation has been under increasing strain to provide both financially ... tags: beijingchineseculturalfinanciallyhomesntdtvnursing

China: exception to one-child policy

IN THE PAPERS After the quake, the Chinese government has decided to allow parents to have another child - For sale flatpack stadium ... tags: chinaexceptionfrancegameslondonolympicone-child