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Cynopsis 11/08/10

Yesterday, the negotiating committees from Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA said they forged a tentative deal with the Alliance of Motion ... tags: AFTRAAMPTPKeithLateleMSNBCNetworkNielsen

Cynopsis 01/24/11

MSNBC and Keith Olbermann parted ways on Friday as Olbermann signed off as host of his nightly Countdown show for the last time on live TV. tags: CBSFOXKeithMSNBCNBCOlbermannSATPE

Cynopsis 02/09/11

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann landed at Current Media where he will soon serve as executive producer and host for a new nightly ... tags: AmericanBergerBowlChopper:KeithOlbermannPawn

Olbermann to Host MLB Postseason Coverage for TBS

The outspoken broadcaster will return to his baseball roots after the bitter end of his last political commentary job. tags: KeithMLBnewsOlbermannreturnshowsports

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC=racist, Bill Maher=stupid

The Stench of Truth 290.mp4 No profanity alert I really hate so-called progressives who supposedly speak for the 'people' but who are rich ... tags: billkeithkinglarrymaherolbermannprogressives

Robert Reich discusses the declining housing market despite signs of economic recovery

Robert Reich, UC Berkeley professor and former US Secretary of Labor, tells Keith why the slow housing market remains a roadblock to ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVcongressconservativeCountdownCurrent

Worst Persons: Steve Doocy, Darrell Issa and Colby Schwartz

Find out why Steve Doocy of Fox News is WORSE Rep. Darrell Issa R-Calif. is WORSER and Oklahoma state Rep. Colby Schwartz R-District 43 is ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVColby SchwartzcongressconservativeCountdown

'Fired up': Laura Bassett weighs in on the tug-of-war the GOP is waging over women's rights

Keith and Laura Bassett, political reporter for The Huffington Post, assess the back-and-forth debate over women's rights being waged by ... tags: 2012 electionabortionBirth ControlBob mcdonnellCable Newscable TVcongress

Heir transplant: Michael Wolff delves into James Murdoch's defection from News International

Keith consults Michael Wolff, columnist for the Guardian and author of 'The Man Who Owns the News Inside the Secret World of Rupert ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVcongressconservativeCountdownCurrent

Will Bunch debunks Rick Santorum's Penn State college complaints

Keith and Will Bunch, senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and author of 'The Backlash Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters and ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVcongressconservativeCountdownCurrent

Worst Persons: Brion McClanahan, John Mathis and Bill O'Reilly

Find out why The Daily Caller contributor Brion McClanahan is WORSE Utah state Rep. John Mathis R-District 55 is WORSER and Bill O'Reilly ... tags: 2012 electionBill OReillyBrion mcclanahanCable Newscable TVcongressconservative

'Major danger': Robert Moore on the potential for a US investigation of Rupert Murdoch's news empire

Robert Moore, Washington correspondent for ITV News, updates Keith on the latest developments in the British inquiry into Rupert Murdoch's ... tags: 2012 electionCable Newscable TVcongressconservativeCountdownCurrent