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Santorum Attacks Obama's Religion, 'Earth Worship'

Rick Santorum attacked President Obama on religious grounds arguing that 'that Obama practices one of the 'different stripes of ... tags: environmentalistsobama christianobama religionpresident obamarick santorum christianityrick santorum obamasantorum

Is Obama A Christian? Franklin Graham Not Sure

'Rev. Franklin Graham son of Billy Graham would not say if President Obama is a Christian during an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe on ... tags: environmentalistsfranklin graham obamamitt romney mormonmitt romney religionobama a christianobama christianobama not christian

Obama Attacks Religious Freedom - McConnel on Contraception Coverage

President Obama is attacking freedom of religion with his proposal on health insurance and birth control according to Senate Minority ... tags: agnosticatheistbirth controlcatholic hospitalscenk uygurchristianinsurance birth control

Obama Destroying Religious Liberty, Families In America - Santorum

Rick Santorum is arguing that President Obama is undermining religious liberty and families in America in part because of his stance on ... tags: catholic church birth controlcenk uygurchristianchristianityhealthcare birth controlhealthcare contraceptionliberal thugs

Strong - A Rick Perry Parody by soundlyawake

Share on Facebook on Twitter is a parody of this video scriptI'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian, but you don't need to be in ... tags: caucusfaithfunnygrp12hilariousidiotIowa

The Partisans - Rick Perry - Strong Will

For more satire this political season, like us on Facebook Written and Directed by Andy Cobb ... tags: 2012adagnosticandyandy cobbantiatheist

Rick Perry "Strong" Parody

12/08/11 I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an atheist, but you don't need to sleep in every Sunday to know there's something wrong in ... tags: CheeseComedyEmergencyfaithFunnyHumoriowa rick perry

The Partisans - Rick Perry - Weak, man.

For more satire this political season, like us on Facebook Written and Directed by Andy Cobb ... tags: agnosticandy cobbantiatheistbuttonchristmasCity