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Faces of Change: Bill's Small Business Loan

Read more of the President's Record on the Economy Bill Butcher opened Port City Brewing Company in February of 2011 ... tags: barack obamabarack obama speechbarackobamadotcombarrack Obamabeerbrewingbusiness

Wall Street Wants Romney Over Obama But...

Wall Street executives are donating more money to Mitt Romney than Barack Obama for the 2012 Presidential election campaigns, despite the ... tags: banker bonusescenk uygurfinancial regulationsobama banksobama economyobama romneypresident obama

Reducing Your Student Loan Debt: Barack Obama's plan to help College Student Loan Borrowers

Share this Nearly six million students who have both guaranteed and direct loans will soon be able to refinance them and ... tags: barack obama barack obama speech Debt economy economy obama Loan Loans

Young Americans are Greater Together, Join Now at - 2012 Campaign

Take the first step This movement needs you in it. We need you to finish the work we started. We've ended combat ... tags: americans barack obama Comprehensive Dont Ask Dont Tell Health iraq war jobs

Obama Announces Financial Help for US Homeowners

US President Barack Obama, on a three-day trip to the western United States, outlined an initiative aimed at helping troubled homeowners at ... tags: Obama EconomyVOAVoice of America

President Obama: Help Us Get to One Million

Own a piece of this campaign As President Obama said, this campaign has never been about one personit's been about all ... tags: act american american jobs act barack obama barack obama speech barrack Obama economy

More Jobs for Americans: Stand with President Obama to Continue the Fight for Jobs

Stand with President Obama, join the fight now The fight for jobs goes on. Senate Republicans have blocked a critical ... tags: act american american jobs act barack obama barack obama speech barrack Obama economy

World, Meet Recession: Grim US forecast plants panic

Asian markets have opened with a slump on Friday, following an arduous session on Wall Street. It's the straight day of bad trading, after ... tags: debt crisis depression dollar euro G20 group global crisis government