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Walkthrough Fable: The Lost Chapters Part 1/ Funeste destin

On commence un nouveau Walkthrough sur Fable The Lost Chapters sur PC, sorti en 2005, dvelopp par Lionhead et dit par Microsoft.Dans cette ... tags: ChaptersEnfanceFable:GuildeHérosHeroLost

Let's Play Fable Part 11

We re-explore Oakvale a little bit and help a pirate ghost. tags: elevenepepsiodefablefishingghostgraveyard

Let's Play Fable Part 1

Part 1 I love this game. I wish there was some way for the quality to be a little better but after playing around for an hour this is the ... tags: albion bandits beating birthday chobits deeds ep

Great Video Game Music - #7

My collection of some excellent video game tracks.This is NOT a top 10. These are not what I'm calling the best soundtracks, even ... tags: awesome azeroth battlfield best brinstar dungeoneering epic

Podcast Vinísfera 01: ¿El vino es snob?

La percepcin generalizada, tanto de quienes estn dentro del mundo del vino como de los que estn al margen, es una el vino es snob. Siendo ... tags: arteCasa_MaderoEn_PortadagastronomiamexicoOakvalePedro_Poncelis_Jr.

Fable: The Lost Chapters: Part 11- I'm an Arseface

Yeah, I bought a new title... arseface Now, I shall be known as Goodguy the Arseface That doesn't sound that appealing when I say it out ... tags: BladeschapterselevenfableHeroJacklost