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Amazing Memory Wire

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. Itaposs an alloy that ampquotremembersampquot itaposs original shape. You can set almost ... tags: amazingfireheatmemorymetalnitinolscience

Nitinol - Memory Wire - Scientific Tuesdays

Nitnol is an interesting metal that will jump back into it's original shape when heat is applied. tags: householdhackermetalnitinolnitnolprogrammingsciencescientific

Nitinol - Metal That Remembers Its Shape

Metal that when heated reverts to its previous shape. Watch more videos here Facebook page tags: coolmetalnitinolremembersscienceshape

Amazing Memory Wire!

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It's an alloy that quotremembersquot it's original shape. You can set almost any shape ... tags: alloyamazingbrasspupbruspupbrusspupbrussupfire

Material Marvels with Ainissa Ramirez - Shape Memory Alloys

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Materials Science at Yale, Dr. Ainissa Ramirez blkgrlphd, talks about shape memory alloys. ... tags: Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Science Experiments heat metal NASA nickel titanium

Scientific Tuesdays - Nitinol - Memory Wire Experiments

Nitinol is mostly half nickel and half titanium. The best part is that you can do all sorts of nifty tricks with it once you know what you ... tags: householdhackermemory_metalmemory_wirenitinolnitinol_tricksnitinol_wirenitnol_metal

Robot Race and Nitinol Lightswitch

Fri, 10 Nov 2006 164854 -0800In this video, Bre Pettis of Make Magazine races robots and learns about a shape changing metal alloy called ... tags: brebrepettisdiykitkitslightswitchmake

Muscle Wire (Nitinol) in HOT Water

Wed, 16 Apr 2008 172836 -0800Sometimes called the Smart Alloy, Muscle Wire or Memory Metal, is an alloy that 'remembers' it shape. You can ... tags: alloyChemiechemistrymemorymemory_metalmetalmuscle

Short Circuiting of Nitinol

A battery is connected to a nitinol spring and something amazing happens. tags: chemistryelectricityexperimentsheatmemorymetalsnitinol

Muscle Wire (Nitinol)

Sometimes called the Smart Alloy, Muscle Wire or Memory Metal, is an alloy that ampquotremembersampquot it shape. You can reshape the wire, ... tags: ChemiechemistryCircuitexperimentheathow_tomemory