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Ramon's Basement Episode 1- 1.17.12

Ramon's Basement is in full swing with a panel of Ramon's own choosing, one of whom is a scantily-clad model. What happened to Pete, Steve ... tags: ArtsBatgirlBatman_And_RobinBatwomanCaptain_AmericaCarnageEpisode

Pete's Basement Season 5, Episode 7 - 02.21.2012

For the week in a row, Pete is scratching -- Steve be damned Plus, lots of viewer questions get answered, and a slew of new comics get ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAvengersAvenging_Spider-ManBatmanBatman_And_RobinBirds_of_Prey

Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 37 - 09.13.2011

Action Adventure Excitement -- is what happened to Ramon, which is why he's not here this week. Penny Dreadful fills in while he saves some ... tags: ArtsAvengersDetective_ComicsDrumsEpisodeGames_HobbiesHobbies

Pete's Basement Season 4, Episode 24 - 06.14.2011

With Steve M.I.A. Pete calls in reinforcements. Lou and Cheeseburger Pete sit in. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, so strap in Basement fans tags: American_VampireAnnihilatorsAqua-ManArtsCitizen_ColdCreaturesDeathstroke

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 37 - 09.14.10

The basement is still in a state of disrepair, although we're not sure which state that is. Steve talks about the Marvel Universe, Ramon ... tags: American_VampireArtsBatmanBatman_And_RobinDakenEpisodeGames_Hobbies

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 34 - 08.24.10

It doesn't matter how ya look at it, there's something terribly, terribly wrong with the Basement boys this week. I mean, just look at ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAtlantis_AttacksBatman_BeyondChewDarkwing_DuckEpisode

Pete's Basement Season 3, Episode 20 - 05.18.10

In this double-sized the edition of Pete's Basement, the boys joined by Jenny pay tribute to a fallen hero of the fantasy world-- Frank ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAstonishing_X-MenAvengers_initiativeBatmanBirds_of_PreyBrightest_Day

075 Lo mejor de la década encore.

Qu hubiera pasado siSuperman hubiera sido adoptado por los Estados Unidos, si Aquaman fuera mujer y si Batman fuera Afroamericano.Descbrelo ... tags: ComicsenergyFeature_1News_Politicsnew_avengersPodcastsupreme_power

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.22 - 6.09.09

The basement crew is back together to review this week's stuff. Meanwhile, Adam and Ramon can't see eye to eye on Hush. How do you fix that ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsBatman_And_RobinChewFlash_GordonGames_HobbiesHobbies

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.21 - 6.02.09

The Other Pete and Steve are back, Ramon hasn't left and Adam is off. Pete has assembled most of the basement again to help him go over ... tags: Amazing_Spider-ManArtsAvengers:_InitiativeElectraGames_HobbiesGreen_LanternHobbies

Pete's Basement Season 2 Ep.12 - 3.31.09

Pete calls on his hireling in the middle of the show to refill his drink. Ramon tries to control his ire about crowds in the comic book ... tags: ArtsAzraelCaptain_AmericaCommissioner_GordonDaredevilGames_HobbiesHobbies