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Sustainability at the America's Cup with Jill Savery

11/08/13 received press credentials to cover the 34th Americas Cup in San Francisco last month. If you are like many of my friends ...

New Easy Bake Oven will offer gender-neutral colors

Following a campaign from a 13-year-old girl, on behalf of her younger brother, Hasbro will start offering Easy Bake Ovens in ...

Quick tutorial; Scale inspired nail art design w/ gold studs

Polymer clay channel guys This is just a super quick video showing how I made a pretty simple, snakeskin -ish looking design. I decorated ...

Beautiful Natural Bridal Makeup

In this episode of Wedding Belles professional makeup artist Lilly Keys shows you how to do a natural bridal makeup look. So beautiful, we ...

How To Find A Natural Pelvic Position In Pilates

Neutral pelvis is important in Pilates as it helps you maintain good spine posture and helps you connect the correct muscles for your core ... tags: dohowmovementneutralpelvicpelvispilates

[STS-134] Training - Topside Training at Neutral Buoyancy Lab

The STS-134 crew members Michael Fincke and Gregory Chamitoff take part in EVA training at the largest pool in the world - The Neutral ... tags: 720pbuoyancylaboratoryNBLneutralstssts-134

Palestinian refugees try to remain neutral in the Syrian unrest

Few days ago, seventeen members of the Palestinian Liberation Army were kidnapped and killed in a massacre in Aleppo that is to be ... tags: aleppomassacreneutralpalestiniansPLASyriaunrest

Small Change Can Change the World

At the Garcia River Forest, small change from customers who participate in the UPS carbon neutral shipping programonly a few cents per ... tags: CarbonConservationForestFundGarciaNeutralRiver