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Palestinian ambassador to Prague killed in home explosion

Police in the Czech Republic are investigating a home explosion that killed the Palestinian ambassador to Prague on Wednesday. The ... tags: ambassadorFrandinohishomeNathanofficialsPalestinian

Egypt arrests four Al Jazeera journalists

The Egyptian government on Monday arrested four journalists from the Al Jazeera English network. Arrests for three of the journalists ... tags: accusedarrestsbeenfourhaveillegallyjournalists

Volcano in El Salvador belching ash and gas

Troops in El Salvador are on standby. They're watching in the town of Las Placitas in San Miguel as plumes of smoke rise from the nearby ... tags: andeasternemergencyforcinggasintoNathan

Hospital resources growing scarce in South Sudan

Hospitals in South Sudan are overflowing. The bloody conflict has killed more than 1,000 people since violence erupted almost two weeks ... tags: FrandinoHospitalinjuredNathanpeoplereportsresources

Children celebrate Christmas in Damascus amid war

Santas in Damascus are coming together for a special Christmas service for Syrian children - some of them affected by the war. The relaxed ... tags: amidChildrencolorfulholdsNathanservicesome

Hundreds flee Central African Republic as violence continues

With bags packed and no set return date, Central Africans are fleeing their country. After a month of violence that has killed more than ... tags: anti-balakaareavoidChristianfleeingHundredsMuslims

Chinese icebreaker arrives in Antarctica to free trapped ship

Help for a Russian ship trapped in the Antarctic ice is almost there. New video shows some of the 73 passengers and crew members ... tags: afterarrivalarrivesChinesecloserFrandinofree

Protesters clash in Turkey in aftermath of corruption scandal

Protesters run from riot police in the streets of Turkey. Water cannons follow suit, splitting the crowds into more factions. This is only ... tags: angersclashdemandingFrandinogovernmentNathanprotesters

U.S. troops celebrate Christmas in Afghanistan

'Kentucky, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' Thousands of miles from home, U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan celebrate Christmas. With ... tags: AfghanistanAirBagramfamilyForceFrandinoKabul

France, U.K. hit with major floods on Christmas Eve

Torrential rains leave residents and travelers stranded in western Europe on Christmas Eve. A winter storm sent floodwaters rushing through ... tags: andcauseEvefloodingFrandinomajorNathan