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SuperHero Adventures Episode 2

This is the episode of the Animated Adventures of superman 1940. Dialogue is in the public domain for this series. This radio series was ... tags: 1940Clark_KentFan_filmjorelLois_Lanemachinimaman_of_steel

The Origin of Superman

This is a series that was created using the public domain radio show 'the adventures of superman' which aired for nearly 10 years as a kids ... tags: 1940animationjorelKryptonmuvizuSuperherosuperman

RAMPAGE (Live Action)

to watch Paul Oakenfold - Beautiful Machine Gears of War, HL2 Live Action Machinima Music VideoRAMPAGE Live ActionA Pixel ... tags: 360actionandrewmfilmsbestcatcontrolcorridor

Garage Band Blues - "Looks That Kill"

Garage Band Blues - 'Looks... 858 The band is back and still trying to make it big. But with a big time manager on their side, they're ... tags: Animationbarbar_bandbrian_epsteinClean_ComedyDanimaldanimalchanima

The Best Show Ever - "Moving In" (part two)

The Best Show Ever - 'Movi... 644 Our four roommates are still moving into their house and hitting a snag or wo along the way. ... tags: animationbearbest_showClean_Comedycollegedanimaldanimalchanimal

The Best Show Ever - "Moving In" (part one)

The Best Show Ever - 'Movi... 632 The first half of the pilot for The Best Show Ever, featuring the exploits of four college roommates ... tags: animationbearbest_showClean_Comedycollegedanimaldanimalchanimal

The Grim Reefer vs The Drug Warrior Zombie-For the Children

The Drug Warrior Zombie tries to make you think prohibition will keep kids away from drugs but drug dealers don't ask for ID. Regulate ... tags: cannabis dea drug hemp houston marijuana News & Politics

Gears of War 8-bit (Pixel Animation)

09/27/11 to watch Retrocade Rompage Pixel Animation Gears of War 8-bit Pixel Animation A Pixel short by John Beswick DIRECTOR'S ... tags: 360 Augustus Baird Bleszinski Cliff Cole Damon