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Mural Videos - 3 by Popular

Will Barras: Live Performance & Interview

Will Barras Live Performance Interview.More videos tags: artartebarrascollectivegraffitimuralmuralist

Borderlands 2 - Un artwork mural

Nouvelle vido promo pour borderlands 2 ou des artistes on graff sur un mur un artwork du jeu. tags: 2KannonceartworkbandeBorderlandseclypsiaGames

'Stolen' Banksy goes up for sale

A Banksy mural is expected to sell for more than 500,000 in Miami after being removed from the side of a Poundland in north London. Report ... tags: BanksyLabourmuralPoundlandSlavestolenWood

Researchers Say Newly Discovered Mayan Mural Debunks 2012 'Doomsday' Myth

U.S. archaeologists May 10 announced on Thursday the discovery of an ancient mural that they say sheds new light on the famed Mayan ... tags: civilizationdiscovereddoomsdayendsgeographicguatemalamaya

Documental Capilla Sixtina, Miguel Ángel

compensar a Miguel Angel por el aplazamiento en la ejecucin de su sepulcro, el papa Julio II encarg al joven artista la decoracin al fresco ... tags: arteartehistoriaciudadescolaluccigianluigihistoriamural

Rivera's Depression-Era Message, Today

Diego Rivera's murals created for the MoMA in 1931 took up the themes of the day --economic inequality and the struggle against oppression. ... tags: artartistfinemodernmomamuralmuseum

Lindsay Lohan Mural in Venice Defaced

A mural welcoming Lindsay Lohan to Venice Beach was defaced on Wednesday. A swastika was painted on her forehead along with the text 'y ... tags: 020211graffitihollywoodtvhtvLILOLindsayLohan

Paints on Ceiling

A famous Philadelphia mosaic and mural artist, Isaiah Zagar recalls his defining moment of artistic epiphany and reveals the mind of a ... tags: artArtistCinelanIsaiahmemorymuralPaint

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural [HD]

of the Line, en association avec Distillery Productions et le photographe Toby Summerskill, ont ralis en 4 jours une fresque de 20 mtre ... tags: AerosolDistilleryEndHéritageLegacyLineMural

Recuperan en México último mural de Orozco

La ltima obra del muralista mexicano Jos Clemente Orozco, realizada hace 61 aos y deteriorada, ser rescatada como parte de un programa de ... tags: clementejosemexicanosmexicomuralmuralistasorozco

Divina Pastora manchada de rojo

Pintados de rojo quedaron monumentos a Divina Pastora luego de vandalismo. Quienes los daaron portaban capuchas, relatan testigos tags: barquisimetoclaretdivinaiglesialaramanchamural