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Generosity and the spread of the gospel

A while ago I heard this short talk by Simon Pillar on the link between generosity and the spread of the gospel.The Gospels and Acts ... tags: ChristianitychurchmovementsMovement_PrinciplesplantingReligion_Spirituality

Why we can't change the world

Most of the books on the topic of Changing the World were written in the last twenty years. Before 1900 we can8217t find any books written ... tags: Movement_Principles

Salvation by faith and mission by works?

Working on this next book got me thinking. . . Are we saved by faith, only to carry out our mission by worksPull down off your shelves ... tags: Movement_Principles

Organization vs movement vs philosophy

Some wisdom from Seth GodinAn organization uses structure and resources and power to make things happen. Organizations hire people, issue ... tags: MovementsMovement_PrinciplesSeth_Godin

The espistle of St Barnabas to Ronald on the matter of money and movements

Let8217s drop in on an email exchange between 8220St Barney8221 recently cannonized and one of his CPM workers in the field.It8217s on the ... tags: Movement_Principles

Direct or Relational?

Here8217s a grid Tim Scheuer has developed to explain his 8220direct and relational8221 approach to evangelism.This is an important ... tags: Church_planting_movementsMovement_Principles

Confessions of the world's worst evangelist

You can teach an old dog new tricks.For years I8217ve hidden behind the excuse that 8220I8217m the world8217s worst evangelist.8221 I was ... tags: Movement_Principles

Lessons from the French Canadian revival

Don Carson recently spoke at the In The Chute conference. He gave a great history of French Canada and all the social and spiritual ... tags: AudioChristianitychurchmovementsMovement_PrinciplesplantingReligion_Spirituality

Everyone a missionary? I don't think so.

We may say 8220every believer is a missionary8221 but our behaviour proves otherwise. So how do you motivate peopleYou don8217t. You ... tags: Movement_Principles

Sparking CPMs: 4. House

The fourth and final interview with 8220Barney8221 on the qualities required to spark church planting movements.This one is on House ... tags: AudioChristianitychurchmovementsMovement_PrinciplesplantingReligion_Spirituality

Sparking CPMs: 1. Head.

I caught up with Barney via skype recently and talked to him about the qualities required to spark church planting movements.He gave me ... tags: ChristianitychurchChurch_planting_movementsmovementsMovement_PrinciplesplantingReligion_Spirituality