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Pentagon priorities for the 21st century

Earlier this year, the Obama administration released a guidance to determine where the Pentagon would put its energy in the foreseeable ... tags: Asia_PacificMordecai_BriembergObamaPentagonpersian_gulfRedeyeus_military

Palestinian citizens of Israel face systematic discrimination

Most people think that the struggle between Israel and Palestinians began in 1967 with the occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. ... tags: Civil_Liberties_WatchDiscriminationGazahuman_rightsIsraelMordecai_Briembergoccupation

Book: A Hard Man to Beat

Bill White was the head of the Vancouver Labour Council and president of the Marine Workers and Boilermakers Union during the war. A Hard ... tags: activismbookHistorylabourMordecai_BriembergRedeyeunions

Five Canadian men still fighting security certificates

Since September 2001, five men have been detained under security certificates in Canada. The men have been held for up to 11 years, yet no ... tags: Civil_Liberties_Watchdetention_abuseshuman_rightsMordecai_BriembergRedeyesecurity_certificatesTorture

Fish farm virus discovered in wild salmon in B.C.

A virus that has proved highly contagious among farmed Atlantic salmon has been found in wild fish on B.C.'s Central Coast. Craig Orr is ... tags: aquacultureEnvironmentfish_farmsMordecai_BriembergRedeyeviruswild_salmon

Fixing Alberta's tax system

Alberta is the only jurisdiction in North America with a flat tax system. It also has an economy dependent on the volatile oil and gas ... tags: AlbertaeconomyMordecai_BriembergOil_and_GasRedeyerevenuetax

July 14 movement in Israel

Over the past several months, there has been a wave of ongoing protests in Israel. They have focused on social reforms, namely the cost of ... tags: economyIsraeljuly_14th_movementMordecai_BriembergRedeyeTel_Aviv