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Miranda wins 'partial victory' in legal fight over data

By Phil VinterDavid Miranda's legal team were granted the order, which will run until Friday August 30.The High Court will then consider ...

Consolida gobierno venezolano administración de satélite Miranda

El gobierno venezolano dio a conocer este lunes que tomar en sus manos la administracin del Satlite Miranda VRSS-1, con lo que consolidar ...

Miranda Kerrs Wardrobe Malfunction

This isn't the first time that Miranda Kerr had a nip-slip. But it looks like this one was on purpose Miranda had a nip-slip while she was ...

'Partial' victory in court says Miranda's solicitor

David Miranda's solicitor says they achieved a partial victory in court and now the Home Office must prove there is a national security ... tags: anti-terrorDavid_MirandaEdward_SnowdenGlenn_GreenwaldGreenwaldGuardianMiranda

British police open criminal investigation against Miranda

British counter-terrorism police say they have opened a criminal inquiry against David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald. ... tags: againstBritishcriminaleuronewsinvestigationMirandaopen

Green: Miranda police were 'protecting us from terrorism'

Policing Minister Damian Green says the officers who arrested David Miranda were 'protecting us from terrorism'. Report by Hullandl. Like ... tags: damiandavidglenngreengreenwaldmirandansa

David Anderson: Miranda "very unusual case"

The Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, David Anderson, will be looking into the 'very unusual case' of David Miranda. Report by ... tags: andersondavidglenngreenwoldheathrowmiranda

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger on Miranda arrest

Newspaper boss Alan Rusbridger claims Government officials 'destroyed hard drives', and says police 'allied journalism and terrorism'. ... tags: alanarrestdavidedwardguardianmirandarusbridger

Journalists Accuse U.K. of Harassment Over Miranda Detention

The fallout continues over the nine-hour detention of Glenn Greenwald's partner, with journalists accusing the U.K. of intimidation. tags: DavidglenngreenwaldlondonMirandanationalnews

David Miranda lawyer: David was treated in an egregious manner

David Miranda's lawyer says he was treated in a 'most egregious manner' whilst being questioned for nine hours at Heathrow. Report by ... tags: airportbrazilbraziliandavidGuardianheathrowjournalist

Mass Effect 2 - HD - 02 - Enquête et co.

Suite de Mass Effect 2. On rencontre l' Homme Trouble qui a de beaux yeux et qui renvoie Sheppard au casse pipe, on enqute sur une colonie ... tags: CosmodésiquesEffectEspaceMassMirandaPlaneteRécolteurs

Mass Effect 2 - 01 - Réssurection

Bienvenue dans l'univers de Mass Effect 2. On se fait attaquer par un vaisseau inconnu qui nous met notre misre, on fait une sortie dans ... tags: CosmodésiquesEffectEspaceMassMirandaPlaneteRécolteurs