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Some Difficulties Ahead for Chilean Miners

Rescue workers have finished drilling an escape shaft for Chile's 33 trapped miners, offering them a way out of their underground cavern, ... tags: chileanmineminerminersrescuetrapped

Final Plans to Rescue Chilean Miners

Before the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine can begin their passage to the outside world, more people will join them down below to make ... tags: Chilechileanminerminersrescuetrapped

Psychiatrist Discusses the Ordeal of 33 Trapped Miners

A psychiatrist and disaster expert discusses the challenges faced by the Chilean miners who will remain trapped underground for the next ... tags: Chilechileanminerminersrescuetrapped

Chile: 33 Miners Trapped for 17 Days Found Alive

All 33 Chilean miners trapped deep underground for 17 days have been found alive, Chile's president confirmed on Sunday. But as relatives ... tags: chileanjosemineminerminersrescuesan

Derrière le miracle - Bande-annonce

Bande-annonce de 'Derrire le miracle', un documentaire du ralisateur et producteur Orlando Arriagada, qui sera diffus RDI en fvrier ... tags: arriagadachilicopiapolosmineminersmineurs

Chilean Miner Sings at Elvis Festival

The story of the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for more than two months is on its way to the big screen.Powered by ... tags: CanadachileanElvisminerminersPresleytrapped

South African Gold Miners Strike

100,000 gold miners go on strike in South Africa, which could push up prices. Powered by www.newslook.comProducer Reuters tags: AfricaGoldminerspricesSouthStrikesunions

New footage shows trapped Chile miners

New video has been released which documents the ordeal of the 33 Chilean miners stranded in the Copiapo mine last year. tags: 33AtacamaChileCopiapocopperdesertgold

Chilean Mine Exhibit Opens

An exhibit honoring 33 rescued Chilean miners has opened in Washington ahead of the first anniversary of the mine collapse.Powered by ... tags: anniversaryCapsuleChileanDCFenixMineminers

Miner Reunion in Chile

A year after an accident trapped 33 Chilean miners, the workers reunite at a mass to commemorate their darkest day - and pay tribute to ... tags: ChileChileanMinerminers

Chinese Mine Blast Kills 29

A blast at a coal mine in southern China kills 29 people in the latest disaster to hit the accident-prone industry. Travis Brecher ... tags: accidentAccidentscoalexplosionmineminersmining

Miners Rescued from Damaged Mine

Chinese miners have been pulled out alive from a mine, dozens more remain trapped. Powered by www.newslook.comProducer Reuters tags: accidentChineseminersMiningrescuedSafetyStandards