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Petrol 'thief' sets several cars on fire by smoking

CCTV footage has been released from a car park in Millicent, Australia showing the moment a a man accidentally set himself and several cars ... tags: AustraliaCarsCar_ParkDumbest_CriminalsMillicentOffbeatPetrol

The Best-Dressed Women of All Time: Millicent Rogers

V.F. special correspondent Amy Fine Collins highlights the best dressers of all time-women known for their exceptional personal style. tags: AllBest-DressedListMillicentRogersSeason:Series:

Catastrophe and the Cure

Dan enlists Julian to help in his search for Nathan, and Haley explains the disappearance to Jamie. Chris Keller confronts Chase about Tara. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDan

Last Known Surroundings Producer's Commentary

Mark Schwahn highlights special moments to look forward to including the return of Lucas Scott. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamschildrenClay

The Killing Moon

Nathan is missing and Haley fears the worst. Clay gets answers about his condition. Brooke tries to give Tara a chance. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamschildrenClay

Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?

As Julian deals with his guilt, Brooke helps Haley confront a rival cafe and its difficult owner. Quinn takes extreme measures to help Clay ... tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamschildrenClay

In the Room Where You Sleep

Brooke discusses a new business venture with her father, as Julian stresses about his own investment. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDrama

Love the Way You Lie: Producer's Commentary

Mark Schwahn is back to discuss 'Love The Way You Lie', get ready for a powerful episode. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDrama

Don't You Want to Share the Guilt: Producer's Commentary

Sit down with Mark Schwahn as he discusses the reemergence of the antagonist back into Tree Hill. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDrama

Love the Way You Lie

Dan helps a struggling Haley at Karen's Caf, Quinn discovers Clay is hiding something from her and Chase tries to mend a broken heart. ... tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDrama

Know This, We've Noticed

In the ninth season premiere, the series welcomes new hopes, challenges and dangers ... and a few familiar faces. tags: Alex_DupreAustin_NicholsBethany_Joy_GaleottiBrooke_DavisChase_AdamsClayDrama