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Government accused of dithering over cigarette packaging

Labour leader Ed Miliband has accused the Government of dithering by holding another review instead of introducing plain packaging for ... tags: cancercigarettesEd_Milibandgovernment_u-turnhealthMilibandplain_packaging

PM's gone from 'Rambo to Bambi'

By Celia PaulIn a raucous Prime Minister's Questions session in the Commons, the Labour leader claimed David Cameron had once spoken of ...

Energy price freeze vow 'a gimmick'

By PARLYMr Cameron attacked Ed Miliband's promise to freeze prices for 20 months after the next general election, telling MPs that even the ...

Miliband: I will defend my father's good name

Ed Miliband says he does not believe one 'rogue reporter' from The Mail on Sunday decided on his own to intrude on a private family ...

Ed Miliband "appalled" at Daily Mail father article

Labour leader Ed Miliband has attacked the Daily Mail for claiming his late Marxist academic father 'hated Britain'. Report by Fudgea. Like ...

Miliband: Britain can do better

By Leanne RinneEd Miliband said his mantra was that 'Britain can do better than this' - comparing it with the emotion that had powered ...

Miliband vows energy price freeze

By Charlotte PammentThe dramatic announcement from Ed Miliband - which Labour said would save the typical household 120 and an average ...

Tensions ease after Miliband vows

By Leanne RinneHe made a series of pledges over employment, education and transport at the TUC Congress which pleased union leaders, with ...

PM calls for Syria robust response

By Catherine Wylie, Neil LancefieldThe Prime Minister suffered a humiliating defeat in the Commons last night as MPs rejected a motion on ...

Cameron 'regret' over Syria vote

By ParlyThe Prime Minister repeated his assurance that the UK 'can't be part and won't be part' of any strike on the Assad regime after his ...

Gove attacks Miliband over union dependence

Education Secretary Michael Gove has hit out at Ed Miliband accusing him of allowing increasing trade union influence in his party. Report ...

Ed Miliband egged in south London

Labour Leader Ed Miliband is pelted with eggs during a visit to a market in south London. Report by Ellist. Like us on Facebook at and ... tags: edeggeggedlondonmiliband