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Winter storm continues to cause havoc in Israel and Gaza

The sun has won out in Jerusalem this Sunday after three days of freezing conditions across in Israel and neighbouring countries because of ... tags: andcontinuesGazahavocIsraelMideaststorm

Is Russia taking over the US role in the Middle East?

Thursdays visit by Russian officials to Egypt has triggered talk of a new era of defence cooperation between Moscow and Cairo.To shed more ... tags: Egyptian_politicsMiddleMideastMilitaryoverPoliticsrole

Mideast embassies reopen, but al Qaeda threat remains

Flash Points CBS News State Department Correspondent Margaret Brennan talks with CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate ...

Preview: Morten Storm

A former Danish spy claims to have played a crucial role in the controversial CIA drone strike that killed Anwar Al Awlaki, the ...

Was Arafat poisoned?

Palestinian officials opened the grave of Yasser Arafat in an effort to determine if he was poisoned eight years ago. Results of the tests ...

Eye Opener at 8: 10 injured in Tel Aviv bus explosion

A bomb exploded on a Tel Aviv bus, injuring 10 people. There is still no word on a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants. ...

Still no cease-fire for Israel, Hamas despite talks

There is still no cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, in spite of intense talks involving Egypt's president, the head of the United ...

Gingrich: Candidates "avoiding" nat'l security issues

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich discussed foreign policy Wednesday, particularly in the MidEast region, and why the topic ...

Syria's deputy foreign minister on accusations over...

As the use of chemical weapons tips the Syrian civil war into unchartered territory, euronews spoke to the country's deputy foreign ...

Israel approves controversial new settlements ahead of...

Plans to build at least 800 new homes for Israeli settlers in the West Bank have been initially approved, less than a week before talks ... tags: aheadapprovesBankeuronewsIsraelMideastPalestinian

News 30/07/2012

The financial sanctions and oil embargo imposed on Iran by the West have affected the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile development ... tags: embargoiranIsraelleonMideastmittoil

Settlers evicted on the West Bank

Around 50 families have been evicted by Isralei police in Mignon. Several young protesters took to the roof and briefly resisted officers. ... tags: BankeuronewsevictedJabalayahMideastSettlersthe