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For Google, Shopping Searches Are Looking Up

Fighting a battle with Amazon to be the preferred entry point for Internet shopping, Google last year retooled its lucrative search page. ... tags: Alexa_InternetCloud_computingGoogle_IncHumancomputer_interactionMicrowave_ovenOnline_shoppingRolfe_Winkler

Boiling Tea: Mystery Solved!

A listener wrote to A Moment of Science about a fascinating phenomenon she noticed when heating water for tea in a microwave oven... tags: boilingbubblesContent_TypecrevicesEducationmicrowave_ovennucleation_points

How To Clean Your Microwave

Lemons make a great degreaser for your microwave as demonstrated in this video. Be sure your cloth isn't too wet when you wipe down the ... tags: andappliancesbleachcleaning_the_microwaveclean_a_microwavedegreaserdeodorizer

Bread Crumbs Recipe

This video is all about how to make bread crumbs. Put that stale bread you have in the kitchen into good delicious use with Chef Matt's ... tags: andbreadbreadcrumbsbread_crumbs_recipechef_tipscookingkitchen

How To Do Microwave Cleaning Making It Spotless

A video lesson on How To Do Microwave Cleaning Making It Spotless that will improve your appliances, kitchen cleaning skills. Learn how to ... tags: Amy_Cleanersanddishwashingelectromagnetic_radiationkitchenLeisureLife

How To Wipe Your Microwave With A Lemon

Watch How To Wipe Your Microwave With A Lemon from the world's leading how to specialist. This informative video will give you informative ... tags: andcleaningelectromagnetic_radiationfireplacesLeisurelemonLife

How To Clean A Microwave Using Lemon Juice

Watch How To Clean A Microwave Using Lemon Juice from the leading how to video provider. This informative video will give you useful ... tags: andclean_microwavegreen_cleangreen_cleaninggreen_livingLeisureLife

How To Clean A Microwave Spotlessly

Clean A Microwave. Jacqueline Hansson from Amy Cleaners shows how to make your microwave sparkle like new. tags: Amy_Cleanersanddishwashingelectromagnetic_radiationkitchenLeisureLife

How To Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon

Have you been neglecting your microwave and now struggling to remove the build up of all your past splattering's Cut out that elbow grease ... tags: andcleaningelectromagnetic_radiationfireplacesLeisurelemonLife

How To Avoid Food Poisoning: Microwaves

The microwave is as common as the kitchen sink. But this high-tech gadget won't spare you from the dangers of foodborne illnesses. Here's ... tags: avoidcookingdefroste._colifoodfoodbornehandling

How Do Microwaves Heat Up Food?

Have you heard the phrase, 'Let's nuke it in the microwave' Well, Nuclear power and microwaves really don't have much in common. tags: ContentContent_TypeEducationelectric_chargeelectromagnetic_wavesmicrowavesmicrowave_oven

The reformed Wholesale Price Index (WPI) –A change for the better

Wholesale Price Index WPI now based on 2004-2005 year as foundation instead of 1993-1994.With the arrival of the new series, the 1993-1994 ... tags: AbhijitBusinessCanned_MeatCommission_MemberComputer_TelevisionDish_AntennaEconomic_Advisor