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Anti-Pickpocket Wallet - The Ben Heck Show

Ben fulfills a young viewer's birthday wish and builds an anti-pickpocket wallet. Ben starts off with using discreet logic to create a ... tags: 555_timerben_heckcapacitive_touch_sensorconductive_threaddiscreet_logicdiyelement14

The Great Glue Gun Part 1 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben rethinks one of his favorite tools - the hot glue gun. After years of putting up with uneven extrusion and leaking glue, Ben takes ... tags: acdc_adaptoranalog_triggerben_heckdrive_gearelement14glue_gunhot_glue

Ben Builds an accessibility Guitar - Part 2 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben and Rusty continue to create the foot-controlled guitar strumming device they started in the previous episode. They install the servos, ...

Ben Builds an Accessibility Guitar - The Ben Heck Show

Ben works with Team Heck's newest member, Rusty. Plus, Ben enlists the help of a local musician, Tyler, to create an accessibility guitar. ...

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Texas Instruments TI NASDAQ TXN announces the newest additions to the Tiva C Series microcontroller MCU platform. The Tiva TM4C129x MCUs ...

Make a Halloween Prank Candy Bowl - Part 2 - The Ben Heck Show

Ben gets back to work on a prank candy bowl for Halloween. He adds speakers for spooky sounds, a proximity sensor, and a microcontroller. ...

Shift Registers And An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 17

This week we attach a shift register to an Arduino to demonstrate how to use a shift register to multiply the number of outputs that you ...

RFID With An Arduino - Let's Make It - Episode 15

This week we take an RFID reader and attach it to an arduino. We first show you how the RFID reader works by sending in the TAGID on the ...

One And A Half Failures - Let's Make It - Episode 19

This week mike takes a look at some viewer requests. One a complete failure and the other may be working, but if it is working it is weird. ...

More Shift Registers - Let's Make It - Episode 18

This week we expand on shift registers from last week and add another chip to demonstrate how you can daisy chain them to control more ...

Multiplexing with 14-segment display - Let's Make It - Episode 29

This week we go through multiplexing. Bob gives us a presentation that he gave last weekend on how multiplexing works and how to use an ...

Ben Heck's LCD Hack Challenge - The Ben Heck Show

Ben takes on the challenge to hack a cheap LCD and see if he can make it work after removing it from the original driver board. He shares ...