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Top Gun 2: Val Kilmer Talks About The Possibility Of Top Gun Sequel And The Loss of Tony Scott

Actor Val Kilmer talks to Larry King about the possibilty of a 'Top Gun' sequel and the tragic loss of Director Tony Scott.

Magic Johnson's Daughter, Natalie Portman and Heat 2? Val Kilmer Answers "If You Only Knew"

Actor Val Kilmer talks to Larry King about his and his son's first kiss and a possible plot for a sequel to 'Heat.'

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The God Particle-What is the Higgs Boson?

In particle physics, the Higgs boson is a massive scalar elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model. Video streamed by ... tags: collidergodkundalinimateriamatrixmetaphysicspoint


This is a teaser for a new series of books coming up called The Magic. She's powerful and he's a 333 years old witch. Love, romance and... ... tags: battledemonfairygnomemagicmetaphysicsspell

Dream Healing with Asklepios the Ancient Barefoot Healer

In ancient Greece, people invoked Asklepios to heal all kinds of ills. This is where we get the word 'ask' from today- because so many ... tags: alteredattractionauraauric-fieldchakrasclairvoyantclasses

Living in the New Paradigm Pt. 4 - Your Awakening, Survival Skills and the Divine Feminine

This is the conclusion to the 4 parts series by Bernard Alvarez, 'Living in The New Paradigm. In the last and most riveting part, Bernard ... tags: alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbayechanneling

Ceremony of Earth Chants: June 21-23 2012 - with Almine

02/15/12 During the 2011 Angelic Christmas Retreat held in her home, Almine began to hear a 3 day sacred chant emanating ... tags: 2012AlmineAscensionCeremonyEarthEnlightenmentMetaphysics

Defeating Mind Control

Can you counter the effects of mind control Almine discusses the different forms of mind control, emotional control and nanotechnology. ... tags: AlchemyAlmineartAscensioncustom musicHAARPMetaphysics

Immortals of the Holy Mountain - Music by Almine

Immortals of the Holy Mountain is a musical sound elixir by Almine that is part of the Jubilation, Songs of Praise CD, which you can find ... tags: AlchemyAlmineAscensionEnlightenmentImmortalityMetaphysicsMusic

The Dogon and the Bayuali - Dialogue of Energies in the Universe

Bikbaye Inejnema has followed in the footsteps of the ancestors of the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt when he was initiated into the ... tags: 11alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbaye

2012 Living in the New Paradigm Part 3 - Your Health and Well-being

This is Part 3 of the 2012 Living in the New Paradigm series with Bernard Alvarez. In this segment Bernard speaks about taking ... tags: alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbayechanneling