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Treating Anxiety with Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy treatment is extraordinarily useful for treating anxiety. Discover how psychotherapy calls upon various therapeutic methods ... tags: anxiety_disordersanxiety_therapyanxiety_treatment:mentalanxiety_treatment:_Healthbehavioral_therapycognitive_behavioral_therapycognitive_therapy

The Best Treatment to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are debilitating, but don't despair, there's an anxiety treatment for you. Learn about psychotherapy options, including ... tags: anti_anxiety:mentalanxietyanxiety_disorderanxiety_disordersanxiety_helpanxiety_medicationsanxiety_treatment

Diagnosing Depression in Children

Depression's sad and hopeless feelings are frustrating to observe as a parent. Learn why your child should see a mental health professional ... tags: childhood_depressiondepresseddepressed_kidsdepressiondepression_disorderdepression_in_childrendepression_symptoms

Is Your Child Depressed?

Depression is not just an adult mental health concern, kids can be depressed, too Childhood depression is one of the most common mood ... tags: childhood_depressionchildren_psychologychild_depressionchild_mental_healthchild_psychiatry:_Healthdepresseddepression

Warning Signs of Teenage Depression

Teenage depression manifests differently than adult depression. 'Troubled teens' may appear sullen and act out. On the inside though, many ... tags: adolescent_depressionadolescent_psychologydepresseddepressiondepression_in_teensHealth_Videoshopeless

Treating Post Traumatic Stress

Psychotherapy and pharmacology form the foundation for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment. Here's a primer on both classes of ... tags: cognitive_therapy:_HealthHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videosmental_conditionmental_healthmental_illness

Do All Military Veterans Experience Post Traumatic Stress?

Informally known as shell shock, post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD is a harsh reality for military veterans. Watch to learn how this ... tags: anxiety_disorderHealth_Videosiraq_ptsdMedicalMedical_Videosmental_conditionmental_health

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Post-traumatic stress disorder is an anxiety disorder which follows trauma, such as war or physical assault. PTSD can be an incapacitating ... tags: anxiety_disorderHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videosmental_conditionmental_healthmental_illness

The World's Weirdest Phobias

Imagine living your life afraid of food, or scared of people. While these phobias may seem irrational to some, to others, they're ... tags: fearfear_offear_of_animals:_Healthfear_of_foodfear_of_phobiafear_phobiasfood_phobia

The Extreme Fear of Social Situations

Occasional social anxiety is something everyone can relate to. For people with a social phobia, everyday situations can feel unbearable. ... tags: anxiety_disorderbehavioral_therapyerythrophobia:_mentalfear_of_crowdsHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videos

The 9 Most Common Specific Phobias

Phobias are characterized by intense avoidance of things, from enclosed spaces to social situations. While debilitating, anxiety management ... tags: anxiety_disorderanxiety_managementcognitive_behavioral_therapyexposure_therapyfear:_mentalfears_ofHealth_Videos

Warning Signs Your Fear is Caused by a Phobia

It's normal to be scared sometimes, but phobias are different.From agoraphobia to social anxiety, phobias can dominate a person's life. ... tags: afraidagoraphobiaanxiety_disorderbehavioral_therapy_:_Healthdsm_iv_diagnosisfearfrightened