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How to Help a Depressed Friend or Family Member

Is someone you care about depressed Knowing the symptoms of depression will help teach you how to be supportive, so that your loved one ... tags: depressiondepression_helpdepression_suicidedepression_supportdepression_symptomsHealth_Videoshelp_for_depression

How Depression Affects Your Sex Life

As many as 45 of people with depression experience decreased sexual desire, impotence and erectile dysfunction. But these sexual problems ... tags: depressiondepression_and_sexdepression_effectseffects_of_depressionerectile_dysfunction:_HealthHealth_Videosimpotence

What is Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Histrionic means to be theatrical, and people with histrionic personality disorder want to be the center of attention A dramatic, ... tags: dealing_with_depressiondepresseddepressiondepression_helpdepression_suicide:mentaldepressive_disorder:_Healthdespair

Serious Health Risks of Untreated Depression

People dealing with depression symptoms often neglect to seek treatment. But untreated depression is more than sad -- it may end in suicide ... tags: attention_seekingcenter_of_attentiondramaticHealth_Videoshistrionichistrionic_personality:mentallow_self_esteem:_Health

What is Psychotic Depression?

As if clinical depression weren't hard enough, people with psychotic depression experience paranoid hallucinations, like hearing voices, ... tags: antipsychotic_drugscortisolcortisol_levelsdelusionaldelusional_disorderdepresseddepression

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

It's rumored that stars like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan suffer from borderline personality disorder. Among other symptoms, BPD ... tags: aggressive_behaviorAmy_WinehouseAngelina_Joliebipolar_disorderBPDBritney_SpearsCourtney_Love

What is Atypical Depression?

Despite its name, atypical depression is fairly common. People with this mental illness experience bipolar-like mood swings. In other ... tags: atypicalatypical_depressionbipolar:_HealthdepressionHealth_VideosMedicalMedical_Videos

What is Adjustment Disorder?

Coping with change can be hard, and for some people, the stress and despair of managing change can be debilitating. Adjustment disorder, ... tags: adjustmentadjustment_disordercoping_with_changedealing_with_changedepresseddepressiondespair

What is Major Depression?

Major depressive disorder is a type of clinical depression that leads to feelings of sadness and hopelessness. People with clinical ... tags: clinical_depressionclinical_depression_symptomsdepresseddepressiondepression_symptomsdespairHealth_Videos

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)?

Generalized anxiety disorder is a daily disturbance for millions of Americans. Characterized by anxiety, worry and fears that stem from no ... tags: anxiety:_mentalanxiety_disordersclinical_depression:_HealthfearGADgeneralized_anxiety_disordergeneral_anxiety_disorder

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Anxiety

Hypnosis can be used to treat anxiety disorder symptoms, restoring mental health. Although it's possible that a false memory, or ... tags: anxiety_treatment_:mentalconfabulationfalse_memoryHealth_Videoshypnosis_therapyhypnotherapisthypnotherapy

Do Alternative Anxiety Treatments Really Work?

When seeking anxiety treatment or depression treatment, many look to Chinese medicine and alternative therapies. Some try herbal ... tags: acupuncturealternative_medicinealternative_therapiesalternative_treatmentanxiety_treament_:mentalanxiety_treatmentschamomile