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Medical Vocabulary Videos by Popular

Exercise Advice for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, regular exercise can make managing your blood sugar easier. Here's how to get started. tags: Healthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabularypregnancywomen's_health

Are Energy Drinks Good for a Comedian?

Comedian Brian Frazer really, really likes energy drinksuntil it's time to calm down. tags: allergiescolds_and_fluHealthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabulary

How to Start Exercising with Arthritis

Research shows that exercise can help arthritis sufferers manage their pain symptoms. Here's what you need to know before working out with ... tags: bacteriaHealthhealth_definitionimmunity_boosterinfectionmedical_vocabulary

Can a Cell Phone Give You Brain Cancer?

Can cell phone radiation cause brain tumors Our Healthy Skeptic answers the call. tags: breathing_problemsHealthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabulary

Kickball: Adults Burn Calories with This Kid's Game

Learn why adults are reviving an easy children's game that can kick your social life and fitness into a higher gear. tags: allergiescolds_and_fluHealthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabulary

Can Eggs Be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Eggs have gotten a bad rap for being high in cholesterol. But can they be part of a heart healthy diet Our Healthy Skeptic is on the case. tags: Healthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabularywomen's_health

Why Doesn't Your Heart Wear Out?

Why doesn't exercise wear out your heart See if this question can stump Dr. Charlotte Grayson. tags: balanceHealthhealth_definitionhearingmedical_vocabulary

Why Doctors Use So Many Medical Acronyms

Stand-up doc Brad Nieder on why no one can understand their doctors. tags: diagnosisHealthhealth_definitionmedical_testsmedical_vocabulary

The Right Exercises for Your Abs

You may never have six-pack abs, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your abdominal muscles. Exercises that target the abs can help ... tags: Healthhealth_definitionheart_diseasemedical_vocabulary

Stunt Pilot Battles Kidney Disease

High-flying stunt pilot Gene Soucy gets a kidney donated by his wingwalker. tags: Healthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabularyvision

Stay at Home When You're Sick, Or at Least Away From Me

The original 'hyper-chondriac,' comedian Brian Frazer complains that some friends are much too generous with their germs. tags: Healthhealth_definitionmedical_vocabularypregnancywomen's_health