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Living with Epilepsy

Dr. Katherine Noe, MD Neurology/Epilepsy at the Mayo Clinic, sheds light on the impact of epilepsy on patients, as well as possible ... tags: convulsionepilepsyepilepsy_careepilepsy_treatmentHealth_Conditions_Illnesseskatherine_noeLiving_with_Epilepsy

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Dr. Fred Meyer,MD of the Mayo Clinic examines epilepsy and discusses what is epilepsy, its symptoms and diagnosis. tags: convulsionepilepsyepilepsy_careepilepsy_treatmentfred_meyerHealth_Conditions_Illnessesmayo_clinic

Working Out for Muscle Growth

Does working out every day improve your ability of building muscle growth Dr. Edward Laskowski, MD from Mayo Clinic answers. tags: bodybuildingbuilding_musclesedward_laskowskiHealth_General_Healthmayo_clinicmuscle_growthMuscle_Growth_Tips

Supplements for Bulking Muscle

What kind of dietary supplements should you take when working out if you want to bulk up Dr. Edward Laskowski, MD from Mayo Clinic answers. tags: bodybuildingBulkingcreatinecreatine_supplementsdietary_supplementsedward_laskowskiFitness_Gym

Heel Spur Syndrome Treatment

Dr. Michael Stuart, MD of the Mayo Clinic explains how to treat heel spur syndrome. tags: Health_Conditions_IllnessesHeelheel_spursheel_spur_syndromemayo_clinicmichael_stuartplantar_fasciitis

How to Prevent Poor Joint Conditions

What can you do in order to prevent poor joint conditions and improve the overall health of your joints Dr. Michael Stuart, MD of the Mayo ... tags: ConditionsHealth_Conditions_IllnessesHowJointjointsjoint_conditionsJoint_Pain

Putting on Muscle Too Fast

Is there such a thing as putting on too much muscle too fast If so, what are the health risks involved Dr. Edward Laskowski, MD from Mayo ... tags: bodybuildingedward_laskowskiFastFitness_Gymmayo_clinicMusclemuscles

What Exercise is Best for Retirement

As you get older, what is te best form of exercise or exercise plan to keep you active and healthy into retirement Dr. Edward Laskowski of ... tags: Bestedward_laskowskielderlyexecise_for_retirementExerciseexercise_planfor

How to Prevent Back Pain at Work

What can you do in order to prevent back pain at work, or back pain from prolonged sitting Dr. Michael Stuart, MD of the Mayo Clinicanswers. tags: Backback_painchronci_painHealth_General_HealthHowmayo_clinicmichael_stuart

Melanoma Risks and Tanning

Dr. Edward Creagan, MD of the Mayo Clinic explains the risks and consequences of sun exposure and tanning, from burns to melanoma. tags: cancerous_moleedward_creaganHealth_Dermatologyidentifying_skin_cancermayo_clinicMelanomamole

Environmental Triggers of Asthma

What are environmental triggers of asthma, such as outdoor allergens and indoor allergens, and what could be done to minimize their impact ... tags: allergentsasthmaAsthma_TriggersenvironmentalHealth_Asthmajames_limayo_clinic

How to Diagnose Asthma

How is asthma diagnosed What are the symptoms of asthma Dr. James Li, Chair of the Division of Allergic Diseases at the Mayo Clinic, ... tags: allergentsallergic_diseasesAsthmaasthma_diagnosisasthma_symptomsasthma_treatmentAsthma_Triggers