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Mars : Lancement de la sonde MAVEN

Sites webs/blogs, copiez cette vido avec le bouton 'code embed' Si vous voulez tlcharger, allez sur . La NASA a lanc en Floride la sonde ... tags: andAtmospherechercheursEvolutionFlorideinstrumentsMars

NASA MAVEN Mission Aims To Find Out How Mars Dried Up

NASA's MAVEN mission seeks to find out what happened to Mars's atmosphere and water. tags: atlas_vcuriositylife_on_marsmarsmars_atmospheremars_watermaven

NASA's MAVEN Begins Mission To Study Why Mars Dried Up

The latest mission to the red planet will study Mars' remaining atmosphere, seeking to discover where the rest of it went. tags: life_on_marsmars_atmospheremars_mavenmars_newsmavenmission_to_marsnasa_maven

NASA launches robotic orbiter to Mars

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION NASA's new Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission, or MAVEN, launched into space at 128 p.m. EST ... tags: andatmosphereCutintoMarsMAVENmission

[Atlas V] Rollout of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft on an Atlas V Rocket

High Definition highlights of the rollout of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft atop an Atlas V rocket. Rollout occurred on Saturday 16th November ... tags: 41720pandatlasatlas5atlasvatmosphere

[Atlas V] Timelapse of MAVEN Encapsulation Inside Payload Fairing

Watch a high definition timelapse of NASA's Mars Spacecraft being encapsulated in it's payload fairing ahead of launch on an Atlas V rocket. tags: 41720pandatlasatlas5atlasvatmosphere

[Atlas V] Launch of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral today at 1828 UTC carrying NASA's latest Spacecraft ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

[Atlas V] Launch Multiple Angles of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

View of launch from the many cameras stationed around Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center.An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

NASA launches MAVEN to Mars

At 128 PM Eastern Monday, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft blasted off on a mission to explore Mars' atmosphere. The new robotic orbiter launched ... tags: atmospherebetterJenniferlaunchesMAVENmissionNASA

[Atlas V] MAVEN Spacecraft Separates from Centaur Upperstage

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft successfully separated from the Centaur upperstage at 1921 UTC after launching from Cape Canaveral at 1828 UTC. The ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex