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Materialism Videos - 4 by Popular

TDT#91: On Becoming a Demotivational Speaker

This is Stephen's sermon/rant against needs for more external motivation in our lives. If we are honest about it, we must admit that when ... tags: achievementdemotivationextrinsicintrinsicmaterialismmotivationobsession

Ron Paul: Materialism and Easy Money Destroyed the Foundation for Liberty and Real Wealth

Sign up for email updates - Please like, share, subscribe comment 08 -- Ron Paul is America's leading ... tags: easy moneyfloridalibertymaterialismpoliticsron paulspeech

Consciousness Preperation

Check out youtube channel dutchsinse for the current massive tectonic movements taking place on the planet and chant constantly as the ... tags: ancient armageddon ascension atheist awakening capitalist conscious

Dark Meat 238: I'm Your Vehicle

This is America, where cars have more rights than people. So today8217s show is about these lofty vehicles 8211 driving them to places, ... tags: HolidayMaterialismMusicPodcast

Science and Atheism vs. Religion

I think I got a few details wrong, but you get the gist . For instance, it's the Capgras delusion, not the impostor syndrome. The red shift ... tags: afterlifeastronomyatheismcosmoscreationismdarwindawkins

Week 8 - Losing Weight, Gaining Life

Video 'Week 8 - Losing Weight, Gaining Life' from cvcnow Oh Oh Since when, are hamburgers part of the diet And will this indiscretion tip ... tags: 3inSyncbadbeliefsblogburgundybuyingCameron

Week 7 - Losing Weight, Gaining Life

Video 'Week 7 - Losing Weight, Gaining Life' from cvcnow The most confronting vlog so far. RJ Fee openly discusses the attitudes that lead ... tags: 3inSyncbadbeliefsblogburgundybuyingCameron

"Prophets Hananiah" - God Speaks About False Prophets!

'Prophets Hananiah' - God Speaks About False Prophets\n\nHear The Word of God Spoken and Given to THIS Generation tags: BetweenBibleBookChristDifferenceDiscernDivine

Hostage: Derailed by Desire

The 'monster of more' is insatiable. The unquenchable desire for stuff convinces us that the next thing on our wish list will fulfill us. ... tags: ChristChristianityfreefreedomgenerosityGodgreed