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A Criminal Among Us

Manon of the Spring 1986 - A Criminal Among Us - The local priest Jean Bouchaud asks the congregation if the water flow has stopped as ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand


Manon of the Spring 1986 - Accusation - Manon Emmanuelle Bart accuses Papet Yves Montand and Ugolin Daniel Auteuil of stealing her ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Keep This a Secret

Manon of the Spring 1986 - Keep This a Secret - Papet Yves Montand instructs the villagers to prepare Ugolin Daniel Auteuil for his ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

I Dreamt About Her

Manon of the Spring 1986 - I Dreamt About Her - After Manon Emmanuelle Bart returns his knife, Bernard Hippolyte Girardot admits to ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Dear Little Manon

Manon of the Spring 1986 - Dear Little Manon - In a letter, Papet Yves Montand explains their secret family history to his granddaughter ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Manon's First Kiss

Manon of the Spring 1986 - Manon's First Kiss - Manon Emmanuelle Bart and Bernard Hippolyte Girardot clear the blockage from the spring and ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Manon Finds the Source

Manon of the Spring 1986 - Manon Finds the Source - Manon Emmanuelle Bart discovers the underground source of the spring and blocks it to ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

The Soubeyran Beauty

Manon of the Spring 1986 - The Soubeyran Beauty - Papet Yves Montand encourages Ugolin Daniel Auteuil to marry, and Ugolin already has ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Manon of the Tree

Manon of the Spring 1986 - Manon of the Tree - Manon Emmanuelle Bart hides in a tree as Bernard Hippolyte Girardot stops to eat with some ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

A Country Wedding

Manon of the Spring 1986 - A Country Wedding - Everyone in the village except for Papet Yves Montand is invited to the wedding of Manon ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

The Teacher and the Shepherdess

Manon of the Spring 1986 - The Teacher and the Shepherdess - Ugolin Daniel Auteuil watches from a distance as Bernard Hippolyte Girardot ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilEmmanuelle_BéartHippolyte_GirardotManonMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand

Angry Villagers

Jean de Florette 1986 - Angry Villagers - Jean Gerard Depardieu makes his first trip into town and meets with some hostility from the ... tags: Claude_BerriDaniel_AuteuilGérard_DepardieuHippolyte_GirardotMargarita_LozanoYves_Montand