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Violent car crash compilation - But always Lucky people

Sometimes Death is near, ready to catch you but she don't... In this car crash compilation, every single guy is a lucky one... Crazy tags: Awesomecar_crashcar_crash_compilationCompilationdeathdiedumb

Compilation of Lucky People Who Cheated Death

Awesome compilation of people driving cars, walking or doing something and cheated death... LUCKY tags: Almost_Deadalmost_dieAwesomeCheatcompilationdeaddeath

Man almost crushed by semi truck

A truck driving in reverse missed that a guy were waiting behind. The poor guy is a lucky guy .. almost crushed by the truck. The driver ...

Tom Hanks' Broadway debut: Stars hit red carpet for opening night

Tom Hanks is making his Broadway debut with 'Lucky Guy,' a play from his friend and filmmaker Nora Ephron, who died last year after ...

This Pedestrian is stronger than Cars!

Ohh Lucky one This pedestrian almost hit by a car. But the driver had a good reflex and save his life. Then he crashes the car... But it's ...

Luckiest man ever...Final destination with a Truck!

I think this guy can thank god He is the luckiest guy of 2013 The death was near, ready to take him but NO

"YOU'RE MY WIFE?": Groggy Man Post Surgery Falls In Love With Wife All Over Again

A man just waking up from surgery falls in love with his wife all over again. Jason Mortensen doesnt recognize her, but he definitely likes ...

Dropped Off Like A Boss

After being involved in a pretty serious crash, this guy manages to get right up without a scratch I guess it was his lucky day. tags: carcoolcrashdropped-off-bosslucky-crashlucky-guy