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Luchia, Hanon e Rina

ANIME mermaid melody MUSICAS La speranza del cuore, Torno nell oceano, Stella Preciosa Dolce Melodia LUCHIA La speranza dell cuore HANON ... tags: hanon,luchia,rina

Mermaid Melody AMV ~*Luchia - Reflection*~

Mermaid Melody - Pichi Pichi Pitch Reflection - Mulan Well, I saw a AMV by my friend 'Sarinalina'. She has made a AMV about ... tags: AMVDomoto,Kaito,Luchia,Melody,Mermaid,Mulan,

*Mermaid Melody - Luchia&Kaito - Guide you Home* (i would die for you)

EDIT i dont know hwy it takes so long to end 0.o and i dont know why that clip is there... it didnt show up until i put it on youtube -__- ... tags: 2nd AMV anime chipmunk die for guide

Kibou no Kaneoto ☃ ❉ Christmas-2010 ❉☃

reuploadHere is the Christmas Groupdub of Kibou no Kaneoto - Merry Christmas Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who ... tags: 2010 2011 auditions caren casting Christmas-2010 coco

ever ever after anime couples

an old amv of mineAutornbspVoiceActingPlace94Etiquetas nbspanime nbspamv nbspinuyasha nbspand nbspkagome nbspdisuke nbspriku nbspromeo ... tags: amv,and,anime,disuke,haruhi,inuyasha,juliet,

Anime Mix - Could This Be Love.wmv

I don't do this song or anime it's just fanmade Song Could This Be Love Artist Victoria Acosta Anime Mermaid Melody, Shugo Chara, Kirarin ... tags: 5D's,Amu,anime,be,chara,could,Dark,

Mermaid Melody [Mikeru] - Tsubasa wo daite lyrics

Anime Mermaid Melody Song Tsubasa wo Daite 'Embraced in Wings' By Junko Minagawa Mikeru's voice actorAutornbspMeSassyEtiquetas nbspAnime ... tags: actor,angel,Anime,By,coco,daite,embraced,

Martin Stosch - Wir waren Freunde (Anime)

AnimesRomeo X Juliet Clannad Mermaid Melody Final Approach SongWir waren Freunde InterpretMartin Stosch Hope you like it ... tags: amvAMV,animation,animeAnime,Approach,art

Legend of Mermaid- Kiko Version (With Sara)

Hey everybody This is Yumi This is my 2nd time singing And it Anime Not HP If you don't know what HP is it stand 4 HelloProject If u watch ... tags: animeColor,fancover,Kiko,Legend,Luchia,Melody,

Mermaid Melody - I Won't Spend Another Night Alone

DISCLAIMER This is completely a FAN-MADE amv. Please do not remove I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC OR THE ANIME OR ANYTHING RELATED ALL CREDIT GOES ... tags: alone,amvamv,animeanime,another,art,

Super Love Songs (Versuch) xD [Wusste nicht wie ich es nennen soll.. ö.Ö]

Also ich hab was gezeichnet so ein ding mit einem Mikro und jah .. sie erinnerte mich an Luchia von MMPPP Also hab ich das gemacht xD Ich ... tags: animation,animeAnime,artChara,credits,love,

[Fandub] Mermaid Melody Opening - Promised Land

Please read So, I was cast as the theme song singer for BubblyDubbs' Mermaid Melody fandub, and these are the lines I recorded for the ... tags: anime,dub,English,episode,fan,fandub,Hanon,