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Low Cholesterol Videos by Popular

Touch Your Toes for Heart Health

Having trouble touching your toes That lack of flexibility may put you at risk for heart problems. tags: fast_foodHealthhealthy_snackslow_calorielow_cholesterollow_fat

Food Safety Quiz

Can you drink milk a week after the sell-by date What's the germiest item in your kitchen and how do you clean it Test your food safety ... tags: Healthlow_cholesterollow_fatnutritionvegetablesvitaminsvitamin_a

A Commedian's Take on Yoga

What happens when a stiff commedian takes up yoga The original 'hyper-chondriac,' author and humorist Brian Frazer stretches out. tags: 30_minute_mealdinner_tonightHealthheart_healthyimmunity_boosterlow_cholesterollow_fat

How To Prevent The Causes Of High Pulse Rate

A high pulse rate is one of the most common signs of an overworked heart. This video will show you how to accurately take your pulse, and ... tags: beats_per_minutecardio_trainingeatingexercisefitnessHealthhealthy

Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

This Asian-style teriyaki salmon recipe is loaded with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and flavor. Put this 30- seafood meal on your ... tags: dinnerfishHealthheart_healthylow_calorielow_cholesterollow_fat

A Tasty Path to Lower Cholesterol

Dietitian Carolyn ONeil comes to the defense of a high-powered attorney whose high cholesterol eating habits have become a real liability. ... tags: dietary_fiberexercisefruitsHealthheart_healthyhigh_fiberlow_cholesterol

Cheer Up with Chocolate

Nibbling on a little chocolate could cheer you up in more ways than you thought. Watch this for a quick tip tags: AntioxidantsAnxietybeattyBrain_NutritionChocolatecocoaComfort_Foods

Good Mood Foods

Feeling blue Watch this for a quick tip on finding comfort in foods that can improve your mood without packing on pounds tags: angerAntioxidantsAnxietyBrain_NutritionChocolatecloudsComfort_Foods

Mood Foods

Feeling blue Find comfort in foods that can improve your mood without packing on pounds. Spinach, garlic and dark chocolate each have their ... tags: AntioxidantsAnxietyBrain_NutritionbutterChocolateComfort_FoodsDepression

Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Are there foods you should eat to help reduce cholesterol levels Find out in this video. tags: CholesterolFoodsHealth_Diet_Nutritionhealth_questionsLowerlow_Cholesteroltv360