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Weekend with Naheed Ansari, 11-01-14

Weekend with Naheed Ansari, 11-01-14Cooking Expert Naheed Ansari making Loki Gosht, Jo Ki Roti, Jo Ki Roti Ka Malida Talasbina Aur Harira ... tags: 11-01-14AdeebAhmedAnsariARYAurCooking

Why We Cosplay

Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan of Crabcat Industries talk about why they.. and we all cosplay. Shot By Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. ... tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomDariaLeague_of_LegendsLokiPortalPortal_2

The Mythical Detective Loki - Ragnarok - Episode 16 - VOSTF

Un jour, Loki, le dieu nordique de la discorde, est exil sur Midgard le monde des humains la suite dune de ses mauvaises plaisanteries. Il ... tags: animationAnimejaponlokishonenShōnen

Loki Cosplayer Trying To Free Us From Freedom

Shot By Executive Producer Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. His favorite character is Tony Stark but it turns out he was born to cosplay as ... tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomLokiMarvelMarvel_ComicsThor

Top 10 Supervillain Movie Weapons

Just because theyre super, it doesnt mean that cant be packing. Join as we count down the top 10 supervillain movie weapons. tags: bestDCgreatestgreen_goblinKryptonitelokimarvel

Billet to the Brain by Loki Kross DVD and Gimmick - Magic Trick

Available from you take proven methods from espionage and mentalism combine them with a series of diabolical logical loopholes and apply ... tags: jugglingLokIMagic_TrickMentalismstreetWorld_Of_Magic

Thor - Tom Hiddleston

The actor who plays Loki, Thor's brother, sits down with HitFix tags: Asgardbrotherschris_hemsworthfilmgod_of_deceitInterviewloki

Our Holiday Gift Guide's Got the Goods! | DweebCast | OraTV

It's time for holiday shopping again and you know what that means -- knife-fighting someone's grandmother to the death over a 27-inch ... tags: blackhannakuhholidaykwanzaalokiringspace_odyssey

THE LIST: 5 Best Cosplayers from Long Beach Comic Con! | DweebCast | OraTV

We hung out at Long Beach Comic Con over the weekend and, just like at any convention, we were blown away by tons of cool costumes. Here's ... tags: andyasgardianbeachcomiccomic_concosplaycosplayers

The Mythical Detective Loki - Ragnarok - Episode 15 - VOSTF

15Quizime Nuit Les Magnifiques Meurtrires Un jour, Loki, le dieu nordique de la discorde, est exil sur Midgard le monde des humains la ... tags: animationAnimeJaponlokimangaodin