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Onslaught on Russias Green Lung | European Journal

Raging fires have devastated huge forest areas in Russia, a country that provides a fifth of the world forest resources. Estimates suggest ... tags: DeutscheDW-TVEuropaEuropeanfirefightingfiresforest

Protecting the Tropical Rainforest in Peru | Global 3000

Peru has the fourth-largest area of tropical rainforest in the world, but it is also vulnerable to illegal logging - losing up to a million ...

Sustainable Logging in Canada

Logging in Canada is popular due to an abundance of trees and undeveloped land, but with logging comes the growing problem of ... tags: Canadacutting_down_treesdestinationenvironmentforestationgoing_southlogging

Logging in the 21st Century

The video proper starts after the song at 335. This is the original uncut version of 'Logging in the 21st Century' for RR Conner Aviation ... tags: EnvironmentalismenvironmentalistForestforestryloggingPoliticsService

Youth Speak Out

This video is about two girls speaking out about the logging industry and how it's affecting the animals and Mother Nature in the Park La ... tags: AboriginalCanadaGovernmentinlaloggingparc

Cambodian Forest Campaigners Fight Rampant Logging

Frustrated by government inaction, Cambodian citizen patrollers are risking their lives to take on the country's illegal loggers in a bid ... tags: CambodiacorruptionillegalloggingPenhPhnom

The Internet Indians

The Ashaninka tribe live in a region of the Amazon Rainforest rich in tropical wood. Their land has been targetted by illegal logging ... tags: amazoniaashaninkaBrazilfightforloggingmafia

Mexican town fights against illegal logging

Illegal pine logging is threatening the way of life for people in Cheran, a town in Mexico's southwestern state of Michoacan.Local people ... tags: alamericasnewsclipcontrerasfrancJazeeralogging

Grand Theft Auto IV: Logging On

Missions in this video are Logging On and Rigged To Blow.Enjoy tags: AutoBlowGrandIV:LoggingRiggedTheft

Chilean Indigenous Fight for Ancestral Lands

Indigenous Mapuche Indian communities living in southern Chile are locked in a fierce battle with the state as they try to reclaim their ... tags: Chileindianindigenousloggingmapuchepeoplestemuco

Russia Criticized For Wildfire Response

Amid a nationwide eruption of wildfires, as well as a summer of extreme heat, drought, and crop failures, the Russian government is facing ... tags: disasterDmitrifirefirefighterforestloggingMedvedev

Robert Zoellick President of the World Bank Speaks at COP16

Robert Zoellick President of the World Bank Speaks at the COP16 Avoided Deforestation Partners Advancing Redd+ New Pathways and ... tags: capitalismCOPCOP16COP16IMCdeforestationgreenLogging