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[SpaceX] Launch of Thaicom-6 on Falcon 9v1.1 Rocket from Cape!

Just 34 days after the previous launch, SpaceX have launched another upgraded Falcon 9v1.1 from Cape Canaveral today - January 6th 2014 at ... tags: 40canaveralcapecomplexdefdefielon

Launch of 8th Indian GSLV Rocket with GSAT-14

The 8th launch of the Indian Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle successfully occurred at 1048 UTC on January 5th 2014. The launch ... tags: 14cargocraftflightgeosynchronousgsatgsat-14

[Proton-M] Launch of Proton-M with Inmarsat-5 F1 Onboard

A Russian ILS Proton-M rocket successfully launched from Baikonur today, December 8th 2013 at 1212 UTC. The rocket carried the first of ... tags: launchlaunchedlaunchesliftliftoffoffproton

[Proton-M] Processing Highlights of Inmarsat-5 F1 & Proton-M Rocket

See how the Inmarsat-5 F1 satellite was processed and mounted to the Russian Proton-M rocket. tags: baikonurcargocosmodromecraftf1flighthd

Launch of Atlas V 501 with NROL-39 from Vandenberg Air Force Base

An Atlas V 501 rocket successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California with the top secret NROL-39 payload onboard. ... tags: 39airatlasatlas5atlasvbaseforce

Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9's First Commercial Mission - SES-8

The Falcon 9v1.1 rocket to launch, and the first from Cape Canaveral, launched today December 3rd 2013 at 2241 UTC carrying the rockets ... tags: elonlaunchlaunchedlaunchesliftliftoffoff

Launch of Chinese Chang'e 3 Lunar Exploration Rover on Long March 3B

A Chinese Long March 3B rocket launched from the Xichang launch site in China carrying the countries first Rover destined for the Moon - ... tags: launchlaunchedlaunchesliftliftofflonglongmarch

[ISS] Launch of Progress M-21M on Soyuz Rocket Destined for Space Station

A Russian Soyuz-U rocket blasted off from Kazakhstan today, November 25th 2013 at 2053 UTC carrying the unmanned Progress M-21M Spacecraft. ... tags: 38astronautastronautsblastblastoffcosmonautcosmonauts

Launch of Record-Breaking 29 Satellites on Minotaur I Rocket from Virginia

A record breaking 29 satellites took a ride on an American Minotaur I rocket today from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The rocket ... tags: 29cubecubesatcubesatsfacilityflightislan

[Atlas V] Launch of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral today at 1828 UTC carrying NASA's latest Spacecraft ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

[Atlas V] Launch Multiple Angles of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft to Mars on Atlas V Rocket

View of launch from the many cameras stationed around Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center.An Atlas V rocket successfully launched from ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex

[Atlas V] MAVEN Spacecraft Separates from Centaur Upperstage

NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft successfully separated from the Centaur upperstage at 1921 UTC after launching from Cape Canaveral at 1828 UTC. The ... tags: 41andatlasatlas5atlasvatmospherecomplex