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'Civil religious war to spread across Middle East'

Time Magazine has chosen an unknown protester as the person of the year - just one of hundreds of thousands who hit the streets to ... tags: AfricaArab SpringArabicAssadBen AliDamascusdemocracy

'Pentagon created Arab Spring over decade ago'

The Arab Spring uprisings were arguably the most significant events of the last 12 months. Protests are still raging across the region, ... tags: AfricaArab SpringArabicAssadBen AliDamascusdemocracy

Bomb, Build, Benefit: UK joins gold rush to patch up war-torn Libya

NATO may have ended its operations in Libya, but the Western presence is far from over - with big companies replacing the warplanes. The ... tags: Al-Qaeda bombing British business campaign companies contracts

Rebels to Radicals: Islam extremism sweeps 'liberated' Libya

Libya's post-Gaddafi world is showing a lurch towards radical Islam, with strict Sharia law and Al-Qaeda flags in evidence there. It's ... tags: Al-Qaeda bombing campaign Gaddafi Gayane Chichakyan Libya NATO Libya rebels

NATO Learns Key Lessons in Libya Campaign

NATO officials say they are close to ending their nearly seven-month-long bombing campaign in Libya, designed to prevent forces loyal to ... tags: Libya NATO Moammar Gadhafi dead NATO VOA Voice of AmericaLibya NATOMoammar Gadhafi

CrossTalk: Western Interventions

Is there a case for humanitarian interventions What can justify them Or is it just a cover for preserving the order the West is comfortable ... tags: Balkan war Bosnia Crosstalk humanitarian intervention Ian Williams independence Iraq