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Ron Paul: I Think Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning Are Heroes

Former congressman Ron Paul tells Larry why he disputes the claims by many, including the U.S. government, that NSA leaker Edward Snowden ...

Ron Paul: Gov. Christie vs. Rand Paul Fight Is Completely Unnecessary

Former congressman Ron Paul -- and father of Sen. Rand Paul -- reacts to the very public spat his son is having with N.J. Governor Chris ...

Ron Paul: WikiLeaks Has Moral Obligation To Reveal Government Transgressions

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul tells Larry why he always supports challenging secrecy within our government.

Ron Paul Says GOP and Dems Are Too Closely Aligned

Former congressman Ron Paul tells Larry leaders in both parties largely ignore the will of the people -- especially independents.

Merkel's coalition partner fails to get any seats in...

A bitter blow for Germany's liberal party the FDP.Based on exit polls they have failed to reach the five percent needed to get seats in ...

Coalition the goal for a number of German parties

As the German election approaches the junior members of Merkel's centre-right coalition are fighting hard to keep their feet under the top ...

‘Quebec separatist party to win elections'

The French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec is voting to elect a new prime minister. The current federalist government led by Jean ... tags: CanadaLiberalsMaroisPartiPaulinePressQuebec

Netherlands election: Polls show Liberals and Labour...

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has reminded eurosceptic voters in today's parliamentary election that his Liberal party is the one most ... tags: andelection:ElectionseuronewsLabourLiberalsNetherlands

Canadians Prepare for Early Voting

The New Democratic Party is set to make gains in Monday's May 2 election but could split the left-leaning vote with the Liberals, clearing ... tags: CanadaconservativesDemocraticliberalsMayNewParty

Pakistani Governor Opposed Blasphemy Law

Salmaan Taseer, Governor of Pakistan's powerful Punjab province and a key aide of President Asif Ali Zardari, was assassinated in Islamabad ... tags: asiyaassassinationblasphemybodyguardlawliberalsPakistan

US media lying about health care debate?

Barack Obama delivered his much anticipated speech to Congress just last night about health care reform, an issue that seems to be dividing ... tags: careDinaGusovskyhealthHuffingtonliberalsLux

Best of Yesterday - 14/06/07

Can you build a million new social homes/Should positive discrimination apply to politicians/Anti-Europeanism and Anti-Americanism How bad ... tags: FranceGeorgeBushLiberalsNeoconservatismPositiveDiscriminationRuthKellySocialHousing