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Congress heads over "fiscal cliff" - with deal almost done

Congressional negotiators have reached agreement in principle on several key points in the fiscal cliff negotiations, including provisions ...

Obama's compromises to reach deal

President Obama won higher taxes on the wealthy in the emerging fiscal cliff deal but had to give up a few things to get it - including a ...

"Fiscal cliff" uncertainty in the business world

Some business owners are at a standstill watching the 'fiscal cliff' debate in Washington. The uncertainty has them facing a fiscal cliff ...

With "fiscal cliff" fast approaching, House and Senate still on holiday

President Obama and the Senate are returning to Washington to work out a deal to avoid going over the 'fiscal cliff.' Nancy Cordes reports ...

Seven days 'til the "fiscal cliff"

There has been no communication between Democrats and Republicans over the Christmas break. Could that mean Democratic Senate Leader Harry ...

The latest on the "fiscal cliff"

Senators Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina talk about what they would do if the 'fiscal cliff' was on their ...

No Christmas miracle on "fiscal cliff"

With no deal in sight to prevent the looming 'fiscal cliff,' Washington has left for Christmas break. Major Garrett reports on Speaker ...

Boehner, Obama talk "fiscal cliff" at White House

House Speaker John Boehner feels President Obama's proposal of raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans will hurt small businesses. But as ...

Obama, Boehner talk "cliff" behind closed doors

President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner have been keeping a tight lid on the specifics of their conversations regarding the 'fiscal ...

Behind-the-scenes of "fiscal cliff" talks

In public negotiations on the 'fiscal cliff,' both sides of the aisle are digging their feet into the ground. But, as Nancy Cordes reports, ...

Thirty days until "fiscal cliff" deadline

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says any potential deal will have to include a tax hike on the upper 2 percent of income earners. But ...

GOP slams Obama's fiscal cliff proposal

Leading Republicans called President Obama's latest fiscal cliff proposals 'unreasonable,' 'not serious,' and even 'ludicrous.' Wyatt ...