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Bill Bryson on At Home: A Short History of Private Life

Bill Bryson explains the history behind the place we call home, and shows how each room has figured in the evolution of private life. In At ... tags: artArtsculturefilmHistoryhomelennard

Democracy and Iran

Hooman Majd, the grandson of an esteemed ayatollah, discusses a group of influential ayatollahs in Iran who still believes in the Iranian ... tags: artArtsculturedemocracyfilmHistoryiran

Arab Roots, American Stories

Alia Malek looks at the last 40-plus years of American history through the eyes of Arab Americans. A Country Called Amreeka Arab Roots, ... tags: arabamericanartArtsculturefilmHistoryimmigration

Please Explain: Psychedelic Drugs

Please Explain takes a look at LSD and psychedelic drugs. Dr. Nicolas Langlitz, assistant professor of Medical Anthropology at the New ... tags: artArtsculturefilmHistorylennardlenny

Chekhov for Children

Director Sasha Waters Freyer, writer Phillip Lopate, and Angus Johnston talk about Chekhov for Children, a documentary about the 1979 ... tags: artArtsartsand_cultureculturedocumentaryfilmeducationfilm

Women of the Hudson River School

Jennifer Krieger and Nancy Siegel, curators of the exhibition Remember the Ladies Women of the Hudson River School, the first to focus ... tags: artartanddesignArtsculturefilmHistorylennard

What Technology Wants

Kevin Kelly, former executive editor of Wired magazine, discusses his brand-new view of technology, and explains how technology can give ... tags: artArtsculturefilmHistorylennardlenny

Where Good Ideas Come From

Steven Johnson looks into what sparks brilliant ideas and how innovation happens. In Where Good Ideas Come From, he tells the exciting and ... tags: artArtsculturefilmHistorylennardlenny

Olivier Assayas and Edgar Ramírez on "Carlos"

Director Olivier Assayas and actor Edgar Ramrez, who stars as Carlos, discuss the new film Carlos. It is the definitive portrait of the ... tags: artArtsartsandcultureculturefilmHistorylennard

Half a Life

Darin Strauss tells the true story of how an outing in his fathers Oldsmobile resulted in the death of a classmate, which changed his life ... tags: artArtsculturefilmHistorylennardlenny

Oyster Shucking

John Bil, a three-time Canadian oyster-shucking champion from Prince Edward Island, demonstrates how to properly shuck an oyster. He and ... tags: artArtsculturefilmfoodHistorylennard