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Terrorism suspect Abu Qatada rejects legitimacy of Jordan court

Radical cleric Abu Qatada has pleaded not guilty to charges of terrorism at a retrial in Jordan, saying he does not recognise the court in ... tags: AbucourtJordanJusticelegitimacyQatadarejects

‎12 Tunisian parties form National Coalition to defend legitimacy of government

12 Tunisian parties and Ennahda Islamic Movement have formed the National Coalition for the Success of the Democratic Process. The ...

Obama speech 'sane, sober and somber'

Although Obama has face alot of criticism for his speech on Afghanistan, former State Department official Lawrence Wilkerson said that the ... tags: afghanistanal-qaedabarackhamidincreasekarzailegitimacy

Edith Brown Weiss on International Law in the Digital Age

Georgetown University professor Edith Brown Weiss delivers the Hudson Medal Lecture on being accountable in a kaleidoscopic world.Lecturer ... tags:

Syria US tensions جماعة منحبك يخوزقون ...

Clinton Syria's Assad has lost legitimacy to ruleSyria's President Bashar al-Assad has lost legitimacy and is 'not indispensable,' ... tags: Assad Clinton has legitimacy lost protests rule

Presidential Situation in Ivory Coast Turns Deadly

Transcript by Newsy.comBY BRANDON TWICHELLYou're watching multisource World news analysis from NewsyViolence continues in the ... tags: AbidjanAlassane_OuattaraCiviliansCote_D_IvoireElectionsIvory_CoastKilled

Agent Of Harm - An Un-American President

Six months into his presidency, the charge that Barack Obama is -- literally un-American. These thoughts are gaining, not losing, steam in ... tags: AlinskyBarackBirthBirtherscertificateCommunistDocument

Madagascar: ex-President still has a lot of support

IN THE FIELD Toppled Madagascar president Marc Ravalomanana disputed his rival Andry Rajoelina's legitimacy as the head of the country's ... tags: andryantananarivocountryFrancegovernementlegitimacymadagascar

Secrets of Herod's Reign

Did Herod really try to kill the infant Jesus by ordering the massacre of every baby boy in his kingdom Historians, archaeologists and ... tags: accomplishmentsarchaeologistsbaby_boybattlebloodycivil_wardynasty

against the state (4): rawls

fourth of the series explaining the arguments from 'against the state an introduction to anarchist political theory,' this one attacking ... tags: againstanarchismanarchygovernmentjamesJohnlegitimacy