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Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock Unveil Evolve

The creators of Left 4 Dead have officially revealed the first information on their new project, Evolve. tags: breaking-newsevolvefeaturegamesignign-newsleft-4-dead

Prep for the Apocalypse with the Best Zombie Games | DweebCast | OraTV

Dont even try to front like youre not hoping the zombie apocalypse doesnt break out like...tomorrow. Because were the same way. Anyway, ... tags: andyarma_2dweebcastleft_4_deadleft_4_dead_2nerdnerdist_news

Left 4 Dead 2 Fine primo Atto parte #2

Sciaou a tutti ragazzi e benvenuti in questo nuovo gameplay di left 4 dead 2 questa volta sempre in compagnia di chriss1618 finiremo ... tags: centro_di_mortechrissdivertentegameplayleft_4_deadLeft_4_Dead_2parte_2

Pinecone Playthrough ZOMBIES Ep. 2

rumandapples tries to survive a zombie horde with his horrible aiming and dry humor on his series Subscribe HERE ... tags: Left_4_DeadLeft_4_Dead_2lets_playpinecone_playthroughrumandapplesSaints_RowSaints_Row:_The_Third

Left4Dead 2 Death Hour

My Ratings 3/10 This one is very hard, you should play the 'Death Hour Easy-Mode'. But if you want to try out something challenging Play ... tags: Custom_Game_MapsGamingL4d2L4D_Death_HourLeft4Dead_MapsLeft_4_DeadMMO_Games

L4D2 Death Hour

My Rating 5/10 This one is very hard, you should play the 'Death Hour Easy-Mode'. But if you want to try out something challenging Play ... tags: FPS_Gamesl4d_2_mapsL4D_Zero_HourLEFT4DEADLeft_4_Dead_2MMO_GamesOnline_games

The Palace V4.0

The Palace is a single map for Left4dead2 which take place in a cinema and around it Two versions DAY NIGHT My Ratings 7/10

10,000 FEET UNDER(L4D2)

Your mission is to find the secret labs and kill the mutations. You landed at the start of an outpost, theres only one way in, one way out. ...

L4D2 Meatball Preview

its a freestyle campaign with no real story i just like meatballs but its realy fun to play

L4D2: Resident Evil 1 Beta

This is the first level to my 5 part re-creation of Resident Evil 1. There are puzzles, lots of them, learn it, live it, love My Ratings = ...

Gabe Newell BAFTA Fellowship Acceptance Speech

Valve Co-Founder Gabe Newell accepts the 2013 BAFTA Fellowship Award in London, joining previous winners Peter Molyneux, Shigeru Miyamoto ...