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U.S. Shutdown Forces More Govt Contractors To Furlough Workers

Reuters - Engineering firm URS Corp and British defense contractor BAE Systems added a further 4,200 to the number of workers who have been ...

Will performance-based pay improve education?

Parents and school boards across the country are debating whether to offer bonuses to teachers whose students do well on standardized ...

Small businesses and the fiscal cliff

President Obama insists that any deal on the nation's budget must include higher tax rates for high-income earners. Wyatt Andrews reports ...

Hunting for jobs in Houston, Texas

According to Texas Workforce Solutions, about 800,000 Texans are looking for work, and a quarter of them are in Houston. KHOU's Andrew ...

Airport lines already doubling under sequester, Napolitano says

Just days after the official enactment of blind and across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester, lines at some major airports are ...

U.S. Planned Layoffs Fall 20% In September

The number of planned layoffs at U.S. firms fell 20 percent in September, even as cuts in the healthcare sector more than doubled from the ...

Furloughed employees speak out against shutdown

At a news conference called by several Senate Democrats to highlight the plight of federal employees who have been furloughed due to the ...

Wall Street posts weekly gain but session losses

09/20/13 U.S. stocks retreated on the heels of Fed tapering comments. Blackberry shares tumbled as the smartphone maker warned of a big ...

United Continental to recall furloughed pilots

09/05/13 United Airlines is recalling 600 pilots on furlough to meet future staffing needs. The airline has 12,000 pilots and merged with ...

Lonely Planet Downsizes

The travel guide book company Lonely Planet just got smaller after around 100 employees were laid off. Based in Melbourne, Australia, ... tags: layofflonelyplanetweb

Greek unions call strike to protest cuts

Teachers, municipal workers, civil servants' unions and representatives of arms and defense industries march through the city centre, angry ... tags: AusterityEconomyEuropeGreeceLayoffProtestUnemployment