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Lakhdar Brahimi: la paz el único camino para Siria

El enviado especial de Naciones Unidas y la Liga rabe, Lakhdar Brahimi, consider que para alcanzar la paz en Siria, es necesaria la ... tags: BrahimiconversacionesginebraLakhdarsiria

U.N.'s Brahimi meets with Syrian opposition

After two and a half years of bloodshed -- a glimmer of hope for Syrians, but not much more... U.N. peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi meets with ...

Siria debe protagonizar cumbre en Ginebra: Lakhdar Brahimi

El enviado especial de Naciones Unidas a Siria, Lakhdar Brahimi, dijo que ese pas rabe debe ser el principal protagonista de la cumbre que ...

Syrian State TV Shows Soldiers Fighting in Aleppo

Rebels have retreated from the key Aleppo district of Salaheddin under a deadly rain of shellfire, as a veteran Algerian diplomat is set to ... tags: AleppoarmyBrahimiDamascusfreeHijabLakhdar

UN to Name New Syria Envoy

Reports say Kofi Annan's successor as the UN and Arab League mediator in Syria will be named early next week.The fate of the UN observer ... tags: AleppoAlgeriaBrahimicouncilHomsLakhdarRice

UN to Discuss New Mission in Syria

The United Nations Security Council said it will discuss a modified UN mission in Syria in the coming days. The current UN mission will ... tags: BanBrahimicouncilDamascusKi-moonLakhdarmonitors

UN Ends Observer Mission in Syria

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to replace the current observer mission in Syria with a small new liaison office.Mandate for ... tags: AlgeriaAraudBanBrahimiDamascusFranceGerad

UN Appoints Brahimi as Syria Envoy

The United Nations has confirmed the appointment of Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi as the new Special Envoy on Syria.Brahimi will take ... tags: AnnanBanBrahimiGenevaKiKofiLakhdar

French FM Visits Lebanon, Turkey

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has visited Lebanon and Turkey to talk about Syrian crisis and the refugee issue.Powered by ... tags: AhmetAnkaraBrahimiDavutogluFabiusFranceLakhdar

Yeni Suriye Özel Temsilcisi Lakhdar Brahimi

Birlemi Milletler ve Arap Birlii'nin yeni Suriye zel Temsilcisi belli oldu. Kofi Annan grevi ay sonunda Cezayirli diplomat Lakhdar ... tags: ÇatışmaÖzelBrahimieuronewsLakhdarSuriyeTemsilcisi

Lakhdar Brahimi, nuevo mediador en Siria

Lakhdar Brahimi toma el relevo de Kofi Anan como mediador internacional en Siria. Este veterano diplomtico argelino, de 78 aos, tiene como ... tags: BrahimiConflictoeuronewsLakhdarmediadornuevoSiria

UN Appoints New Peace Envoy to Syria

The United Nations appointed Algeria's Lakhdar Brahimi as the new special envoy, but can he do what Kofi Annan could notPowered by ... tags: AfghanistanAlgeriaBrahimiIraqKofiLakhdarLondon