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Dennis Kucinich: US Has to Stop Thinking in Terms of War

US Congressman Dennis Kucinich says Americans have to stop seeing war as the answer to all.Powered by Producer Russia Today tags: AmericaDennisforeignIranKucinichofpolicy

GRITtv: Dennis Kucinich: What Is Economic Democracy?

Dennis Kucinich explains what he means by real economic democracy--full employment, national healthcare and education, and more.Watch the ... tags: #solidarityWIClassDenniseconomyflandersgritgrittv

GRITtv: Dennis Kucinich: Re-Regulating The Economy

Dennis Kucinich lays out what it will really require to fix the economy from the ground up. Watch the full conversation at Distributed by ... tags: #solidarityWIClassDenniseconomyflandersgritgrittv

Michael Moore: Screw Capitalism!

RT's Dina Gusovsky spoke to Michael Moore at his red carpet Washington D.C. premier of his new movie Capitalism A Love Story. Arriving with ... tags: BernieCapitalism:DennisElijahKucinichLoveMichael

Dennis Kucinich on RT: Is health care reform dead?

After a year of concerted effort to push through a major health care reform in the United States, it seems that the bill currently under ... tags: caredennishealthkucinichlobbyreform

Kucinich: US 'sanction warfare' makes real Iran war inevitable

FULL SCRIPT mentality has saturated Washington and arms merchants want to benefit, says Congressman d Dennis Kucinich. He opposes sanctions ... tags: AhmadinejadDennisIranKucinichNatanznuclearscientist

Mike Riggs Joins Alyona's Happy Hour to Talk TSA Bodyscanners & Dennis Kucinich

Reason Associate Editor Mike Riggs appeared on the Alyona Show39s Happy Hour to discuss a blogger who can trick TSA bodyscanners, Dennis ... tags: DennisKucinich

Dennis Kucinich on the Iraq War

Dennis Kucinich on the Iraq WarCommonwealth Club - Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaGet to Know the Candidate 2008 U.S. Democratic ... tags: ClubCommonwealthDennisEpsteiniraqJoeKucinich

Dennis Kucinich: Running on a Third-Party Ticket

Dennis Kucinich Running on a Third-Party TicketCommonwealth Club - Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaGet to Know the Candidate 2008 U.S. ... tags: ClubCommonwealthDennisEpsteiniraqJoeKucinich

Congressional Supporters Of Obama On SC Victory

Representatives Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Gwen Moore of Wisconsin are big Barack Obama supporters. They were both in Minneapolis ... tags: carolinaclintonedwardsellisonhillarykeithkucinich

Mitt Romney Wins Big! Gnooze 1-16-08

It's the Gnooze the G is silent Mitt Romney nabs his first primary win, Kucinich is silenced in Nevada, and Apple unveils their newest ... tags: comedydennisfunnygnoozekucinichmichiganmitt

Viggo Mortensen and Dennis Kucinich on media and change

Viggo Mortensen spent a day campaigning with Dennis Kucinich in New Hampshire. They discuss the media, the desire for 'change' in this ... tags: abcchangecritiquedennisfoxkucinichmedia