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Ep 296: Luck and Luther

Luck is a new show on HBO in the US. It8217s created by David Milch so we know from the start that there8217s a lot to love and a lot to ... tags: comedycropleyDavid_Milchdeadwooddramagamekinal

Ep 295: Episodic Television & Nerds on TV

Ben McKenzie is a bonafide nerd who takes the label to an almost professional level. He talks to us about how the nerd is culturally ... tags: big_bang_theorycomedycropleydramagameinspector_gadgetkinal

Ep 294: Frank Woodley, Spiral vs The Killing

Frank Woodley comes in to talk to us about doing physical comedy on Australian television and how it really hasn8217t been done before. He ... tags: ABC1comedycropleydramagamekinalmelbourne

Ep 293: Paul Ireland, Excess Baggage

It8217s guestarama this week with Nelly Thomas in to talk about Excess Baggage and how it compares to The Biggest Loser.Paul Ireland talks ... tags: biggest_loserChannel_9comedycropleydramaexcess_baggagegame

Ep 290: American Horror Story

American Horror Story was created by the people who brought us Glee but there8217s no singing and dancing, just murder, insanity and ... tags: american_horror_storybillychannel_10comedycropleydramaeleven

Ep 291: Toby Truslove from Outland

Toby Truslove is an actor. You8217ll know him from Laid and the soon to premier Outland. He talks to us about the plight of the Australian ... tags: abcchinacomedycropleydramadrama_productiongame

Ep 292: Penny Chapman, Grimm vs Once Upon A Time

We talk to Penny Chapman, the producer of the new ABC1 series, The Straits. There8217s a review of Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and a Raywatch ... tags: abcblue_murderChannel_9comedycropleydramagame

Ep 289: Boss, Lee Zachariah

We8217re back from our Summer Holidays and ready to wow you with a review of the new Kelsey Grammer TV show, Boss. We don8217t think ... tags: bosscomedycropleydramagamekelsey_grammerkinal

Ep 287: Book Adaptations with Larry Writer

Larry Writer wrote the book about the crime wars in Sydney in the 20s and 30s called Razor. It was picked up by the Underbelly team and ... tags: comedycropleydramagamekinalLostmelbourne

Ep 288: The Light Side of 2011

Whether you8217re celebrating the first night of Chanukah or just counting down the days 8217til Chinese New Year, have we got an episode ... tags: black_mirrorcharlie_brookercloudstreetcolbert_reportcomedycropleydrama

Ep 286: The Muppet Show LIVE!

Earlier in the year John and Josh presented a night at ACMI all about the Muppet Show and how it changed the world of television.It sold ... tags: acmicomedycropleydramagamekinallive

Ep 285: Parents & Abandonment

It8217s a superstar episode with Courteney Hocking, John Richards and Glenn Peters all making appearances.Courteney joins Brett and Josh ... tags: comedycropleyDexterdramafalling_skiesgamekinal