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Download Youtube Video Khateeb ul Islam Pir Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah Naqvi Al Hussani Hafizabadi ...

Download Youtube Video Khateeb ul Islam Pir Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah Naqvi Al Hussani Hafizabadi GREECE tags: Aaliyaabbasabdulahmedali55462Astanaatay

El Hakura - Samt + Time (Pink Floyd Cover) + الحاكورة - صمت

El Hakura Elhakura Time Pink Floyd Samt Silence Arab Rock Nazareth Palestine 2009 Bshara Rezik Tareq Khateeb Elias Nasser Cover Guitar ... tags: 2009ArabBassBossBsharaCoverDrums

Sifat Ar-Rasullah (saws) Youth Connect Workshop

Abu Shahadah talks to an exhuberant group of young kids about the characteristics of Rasul Allah salalahu alayhi wa salaam. Defining the ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

How To Make Halal Money Many Differnt Ways

Abu Shahadah is outlining the ways one must be prepared for life as a Muslim, the focus of this lecture addresses the planning and ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

Advice to a Jam-Packed Crowd of Muslim Youth

speaking to a packed crowd, Abu Shahadah touches on several topics, advising the Muslim youth about friendship and influence, behaviour, ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

What is Eemaan?

Addressing a the Jama'a in Dar-ut-Tawheed Masjid of Mississauga, Abu Shahadah addresses the meaning of Eeman and the lack of understanding ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

10 Things We Waste as Muslims

In a packed auditorium, Abu Shahadah speaks to the Muslim Youth about the value of 10 key aspects which make or break our deen. tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

The Ma'eeya of Allah Ta'ala

Abu Shahadah speaks to over a Thousand students at York University about the Help of Allah ta'ala in our everyday lives through relating ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimShahadah

Crimes of The Heart

Abu Shahadah speaks to a Thousand plus Students at York University addressing the epidemic that faces the future of our ummah. Warning us ... tags: AbuCounsellorDa'eeKhateebMediaMuslimMuslims