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Khamenei warns Iran won't move on nuclear 'red lines'

On the day delicate international talks resume, Irans Supreme Leader has delivered a hardline speech warning that the country will not ... tags: EuropeGenevaIranKhameneimovenuclearNuclear_Energy

Iran: Khamenei soutient l'offensive diplomatique de...

Le guide suprme iranien, Ali Khamenei a timidement soutenu l'offensive diplomatique du prsident Hassan Rohani l'ONU, tout en critiquant ...

Iran, prime reazioni di Khamenei al discorso di Rohani...

Prime reazioni ufficiali dell'ayatollah Khamenei al discorso tenuto dal premier iraniano Hassan Rohani nella sede dell'Onu a New York. La ...

صحیفہ نور|Industrial Development must not damage the Environment|Supreme ...

Broadcast Date--September 22 2013 -Website -Facebook -Twitter -Google+ Short Speeches of the Supreme Leadership ...

صحیفہ نور|Qanoon k alamberdar,kon hain Qanoon Shikan,Khud Amrika ...

Broadcast Date--September 19 2013 -Website -Facebook -Twitter -Google+ Short Speeches of the Supreme Leadership ...

Iran's population and the future plans

Last year in July, the Leader of the Islamic republic, Seyyed Ali Khamenei, re-emphasized that Iran needs to increase the rate of ... tags: AligrowthIranKhameneileaderpopulationPress

Iran's new president

As Iran peacefully transitioned from one president to another, the leader of the Islamic Revolution commented on the significance of that ... tags: AyatollahDemocracyendorsementIranIslamicKhameneiLeader

Iran: giura il nuovo Presidente, tra aperture e fedeltà

Aperture all'occidente, ma anche molta continuit il neo-presidente iraniano Hassan Rohani giura oggi, un mese e mezzo dopo la vittoria ... tags: AliElezionieuronewsfedeltàIranKhameneipresidenziali

Reality Check weekly review for week ending Friday June 29

In this edition of Reality Check weekly review, Turkey beefs up their military presence on the border with Syria. And Egypt has a new ... tags: ALAssadAyatollahBankBasharDeutcheHSBC

Syrian Army Deals "Violent Blows" to Rebels in Aleppo

Syria said its troops seized a rebel-held Aleppo district on Wednesday after storming it and 'annihilating' most of the insurgents, as a ... tags: al-AssadAleppoAliBasharJaliliKhameneiSaeed

NGO: Battle of Aleppo Will Be "Decisive"

Government tanks penetrated a rebel-held district of Aleppo on Wednesday, sparking fierce clashes, the Free Syrian Army said, as Amnesty ... tags: AleppoAliamnestyarmyDamascusfreeinternational

Nam Summit

The 16th Non-Aligned Movement summit is now underway in Iran's capital Tehran.This year's meeting has drawn leaders and high-ranking ... tags: AliBanIranKhameneiKi-moonSyriaTehran