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Onion News Network: How the Writers Got Hired

Moderator Anderson Cooper journalist, author, anchor of 'Anderson Cooper 360' asks the panelists how they joined The Onion. Head writer ... tags: Anderson_CooperComedyFake_NewsForeign_PolicyHeadlinesJoe_GardenJohn_Krewson

Onion News Network: Creating the 9/11 Issue

Moderator Anderson Cooper asks about the success of The Onion's web site and social media activity. Sports editor John Krewson recalls ... tags: 9/11Anderson_CooperChinaComedyFacebookFake_NewsHijackers

Onion News Network: Anderson Cooper and the Afghan Warlord

Editorial manager Kate Palmer talks about the online reaction to the controversial article 'Planned Parenthood Opens 8 Billion ... tags: AbortionplexAlan_RickmanAnderson_CooperComedyFake_NewsJoe_GardenJohn_Krewson

Onion News Network: The Writing and Editing Process

Associate editor Will Tracy describes how the stories are edited. Moderator Anderson Cooper asks how the writers avoid revealing political ... tags: Anderson_CooperBarack_ObamaComedyFake_NewsGuantanamo_BayHeadlinesJoe_Garden

Onion News Network: The Writers Reveal Their Favorite Headlines

The Onion writers recall their favorite headlines, including 'Rubber Band Needed' and 'Man In Headlock Just Wanted To Party.' Associate ... tags: Anderson_CooperComedyEarthquakeFake_NewsHaitiHeadlinesJoe_Garden

Onion News Network: Campaign for a Pulitzer Prize

Moderator Anderson Cooper asks about The Onion's campaign for a Pulitzer Prize and their advocacy group Americans for Fairness in Awarding ... tags: AFAJPAnderson_CooperComedyDiversityDoyle_RedlandFake_NewsGrassroots

Onion News Network: Avoiding the Easy Jokes

Features editor Joe Garden says that jokes about George W. Bush were too easy. Sports editor John Krewson explains why The Onion didn't ... tags: Anderson_CooperAnthony_WeinerAP_StyleBarack_ObamaComedyDiversityFake_News

Onion News Network: The Origins of the American Voices Photos

A fan asks about a sequel to the poorly received 'The Onion Movie.' Features editor Joe Garden explains where they got the photos for the ... tags: American_VoicesAnderson_CooperComedyDaniel_Dae_KimFake_NewsJean_TeasdaleJim_Anchower

Onion News Network: Poking Fun at Celebrities

The Onion writers discuss the never-used headline 'Spork Used As Knife,' which was featured on an episode of 'This American Life.' ... tags: Al_SharptonAnderson_CooperCelebritiesComedyDrew_BarrymoreFake_NewsHeadlines

Onion News Network: How Twitter and Facebook Have Changed the Onion

Head writer Seth Reiss and features editor Joe Garden talk about real life imitating stories from The Onion. Editorial manager Kate Palmer ... tags: Anderson_CooperBarack_ObamaBirthersBirth_CertificateComedyDonald_TrumpFacebook