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Jimmy Wales: The Question Is, Can Wikipedia Trust You?

Jimmy Wales The Question Is, Can Wikipedia Trust YouThe Long Now Foundation - The Long Now FoundationVision Wikipedia and the Future of ...

Wallstrip Chat - Jimmy Wales

9-3-07 He's rewriting history, with a little help from his friends. Lindsay chats with Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. tags: closingbellgoogleguncontrolhowardlindzonjimmywaleskucinichrocketboom

In Search of Neologisms with Esther Dyson

Esther DysonNeologisms are defined as new words or phrases or new uses of a word or phrase. And what better place to find them than at a ... tags: academiaacademicsattiyehauthorsberkman_centercivilizationsclash

Griefer, Google Cooking and other Neologisms

Note This piece was broadcast on Word of Mouth on New Hampshire Public Radio and on WCVE in Richmond VA. been there - done that Todays ... tags: berkman_centeresther_dysonfuturegoogle_cookinggrieferHarvardHarvard_Luminaries

Amnesty TV Episode 1

Amnesty TV is here. In the first episode of Amnesty's new online magazine show we have Jimmy Wales talking about Internet freedom, a ... tags: amnestyamnesty_internationalamnesty_tvAmnesty_ukaungcharityEntertainment

The Stream - YouTube revolutionary comedy & the "Cyber Mercenaries" of Cuba

In this episode Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and Sarah Sayeed of join us today on set. We'll talking about Cuba's so-called ... tags: comedyCubacyber_warEgyptJimmy_WalesOneBluepolitical_satire

Tunisian Update, Gaza Cyber-Activism, Stuxnet Update, Cyberwar! Overhyped!!, and Wikipedia Turns 10

In this week's episode you'll hear how one Tunisian tech entrepreneur went from being an outspoken critic of the government, to being a ... tags: computer_viruscyberattackscyberwarGazaIsraelJimmy_WalesStuxnet

Wikipedia: Internet Democracy

Wikipedia began with the goal of distributing a free, high-quality encyclopedia to every person on the planet. This internet project, ... tags: accuracyChristianitycollaborationencyclopediasinternational_developmentinternet_searchesJimmy_Wales

Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia – the word!

Jimmy WalesJimmy Wales, the founder of the free online encylopedia Wikipedia, shares his thoughts on the power of one incredibly ... tags: academiaacademicsattiyehauthorsberkman_centercivilizationsclash